Friday, January 29, 2010

WOW! T-Shirts!

On Tuesday, January 26th 2010 Easter Seals Superior California Help To Recovery Program made a trip to A Chance For Bliss in Penryn California. The trip there was fun. Jeremiah and Rik reminisced about having lived in Placer County. Jeremiah even commented that his daughter was born there.

When we got to the sanctuary Al our cashier presented Deanna and Woody a check for one thousand five hundred fifty two dollars and ten cents. This was a record amount that we earned from our Holiday Shoppe.

Later Steven, Jeremiah, Tom, and Rik helped Deanna and Woody to clean feed buckets. It was quite a sight to see; they were in the shower and bathtub washing and drying buckets. Anthony and John cleaned brushes. Marcellos, Susan, Les, and Hector worked in the kitchen.

The highlight of our day was hearing Maxi the dog bark. When she barked she sounded like she was saying merp merp, you see, Merp is the name some of us affectionately call the rehab aide named Prem.

The following day Steven, Marcellos, Anthony, Les, and Hector received shirts from
A Chance For Bliss, all you could hear in the classroom were the choruses of Wow T –Shirts and thank-you.

Remember, take a tip from the dogs do not pre-judge us by our speech impediments judge us by what we say, not how we say it.


Easter Seals Superior California
Help To Recovery Program


Jodie said...

Wow $1552.10!!!!! That is an awesome donation!!! Good job to you all!!

Anonymous said...

Great job you all and ya'll look good in those shirts. I still wanna buy one and I will once times get better!
You all rock!!!!

xoxo, Christina.

PaintDog said...
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