Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outtakes ~ Kathy

I take a lot of pictures... A lot. Sometimes my subjects just don't cooperate and that perfect shot sometimes take 25 or so tries. I just don't think they understand how important it is for them to hold a certain pose - ok, lemme be honest, the good ones are pure luck. I don't get to the sanctuary as often as I like now that I have a job that requires me to work weekends. Taking the photos gives me a chance to see each and every one. Tonight I was looking through some old pictures and wanted to share the outtakes.

Paddington deciding to fit in a quick chop licking.

Hendry telling me that this angle make her face look chubby.

Lady deciding the camera was more interesting than having her picture taken.

Ok, this isn't really an outtake but Homer has a great sense of humor and style.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Charlotte ~ Kathy

While all the animals are special, I became particularly attached to Charlotte, the pig. She was the only pig that would talk to me - well, that is using the word talk lightly. She would make these incredible squealing noises that made her sound annoyed, bothered and well just plain mad. At first I thought I was getting too close or that she just didn't like people (me especially) - that changed when I finally stuck around to see why she was so vocal. She eventually let me pet and brush her. When I would sit in the chairs facing the horses in the front, she would sit at my feet. Once I sat next to her on the front lawn, we both enjoyed the sun for about 30 minutes. She also had a fan in L.A., my friend Lea. I would call Lea and Charlotte would talk to her. During the winter she claimed a dog bed and tack room of her own. I popped in to say Hi and the sides of the bed make it look like she was in a puffy taco shell. When Deanna told me she passed away last month, a hole was left in my heart. I know that the time I spent with her was special and I want to believe she is still squealing sweet songs somewhere out there.