Friday, June 17, 2011

Charlotte ~ Kathy

While all the animals are special, I became particularly attached to Charlotte, the pig. She was the only pig that would talk to me - well, that is using the word talk lightly. She would make these incredible squealing noises that made her sound annoyed, bothered and well just plain mad. At first I thought I was getting too close or that she just didn't like people (me especially) - that changed when I finally stuck around to see why she was so vocal. She eventually let me pet and brush her. When I would sit in the chairs facing the horses in the front, she would sit at my feet. Once I sat next to her on the front lawn, we both enjoyed the sun for about 30 minutes. She also had a fan in L.A., my friend Lea. I would call Lea and Charlotte would talk to her. During the winter she claimed a dog bed and tack room of her own. I popped in to say Hi and the sides of the bed make it look like she was in a puffy taco shell. When Deanna told me she passed away last month, a hole was left in my heart. I know that the time I spent with her was special and I want to believe she is still squealing sweet songs somewhere out there.

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