Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where Was Deanna

On Tuesday, November 30th 2010, Easter Seals Superior California HTR program went on our monthly excursion to A Chance for Bliss. It’s an animal sanctuary, in Penryn California. Anthony drove the bus while Jasmine rode shotgun. Jasmine made the trip fun for everyone, by keeping our spirits up with a sing-along and trivia. When we arrived at the sanctuary we were greeted by Woody, but Deanna was nowhere to be seen. Rachel arrived a short time later; she promptly joined Woody and put us to work. Rik and Joe, our “manure valets,” went to work immediately; they must have picked up tons of odoriferous horse poop. Jim and Jill were inseparable and that was just fine. Anthony and Ron V. promptly commenced bathing a virtual plethora of Boston Terriers. I kept Kevin and Tom busy by helping me grind flax. I think everybody did a stellar job, you see we were kind of shorthanded this trip. I guess the weather must have kept some clients home. Deanna showed up a little later, she had been meeting with the photographer, in order to get the A Chance for Bliss calendar ready. By the way Easter Seals, at 3205 Hurley in Sacramento, is holding its annual Holiday Shoppe. All the proceeds will benefit A Chance for Bliss. So, don't forget to do your affordable Christmas shopping here at Easter Seals. You will be supporting a non-profit animal sanctuary. Remember take a tip from the dogs don't judge us by our walkers or our canes. Sniff our feet maybe, and then you can judge us by what's in our heart.