Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WAW! ~ by Deanna

What a Week!

Sometimes I forget that we're no longer living the quiet life that Woody and I once knew. I tend to view the days and weeks in terms of regular ranch chores, which account for roughly 15 hours of labor daily. Feeding, cleaning, shopping... It keeps us both (plus Margaret, Rachel, Becca, Jodie, Lewey & Jenna, Laurie...) plenty busy.

Gratefully, the sanctuary is growing, but at times I don't know how to plan and manage my time and energies the best. Admittedly, I get overwhelmed, and when I do, I tend to pick up a muck fork instead of the telephone. Mucking can be very zen and helps to quiet my mind, even though there are many other matters that demand my attention, as well. If you've not heard from me on some issue, please send another e-mail or leave another message. I'm doing the best I can in any given moment and the immediate care of the animals that live here tends to reign dominant.

Jan Harper Administers Another Round of Cold Laser Therapy
Jan is Truly an Earth-Bound Angel ~ She Drives from Volcano

Within the last seven days, we orchestrated a benefit concert (photos), welcomed a blind horse, introduced our pups to new donated Drinkwell (filtered!) fountains (if that sounds easy, remember that one-third are blind!), breezed through the Western States Horse Expo (connecting and gathering information), attended a planning meeting for an upcoming barn raising, conducted four sanctuary tours, investigated new feed sources, hosted a dinner party for Woody's sister and her family (visting from VA), and began offsite training for Handsome and Dusty.

We could NOT do this without support. There are a huge number of acknowledgements that we need to make for the No Bozoz Benefit alone.

This week has brought a large number of deliveries - replacement muck fork heads, the Drinkwell fountains, Purina's Give-a-Bowl promotional materials, and books for the monthly sale...

At this very moment, I am blown away by a package that just arrived from Morgantown, West Virginia. I have told many people how incredibly honored we are to have a number of Hunter originals in our home, both Susan Hunter and the late George Hunter. Woody shared that Susan was sending some prints for our fundraising efforts, but what arrived today had me literally shaking. I've yet to take full inventory, but the box that arrived was filled with MANY, MANY originals. I am flabberghasted. The line from Wayne's World fills my head ~ "We are not worthy!" Please visit Susan's site and let her know how awesome she is!

These pieces are so beautiul (and NOT all Bostons!) We'll let the Board decide how to best utilize this most generous donation.

I suppose that makes it divine timing that I need to run to Ross Hay Ranch for a ton of alfalfa cubes before they close... Nothing like old fashioned physical labor to get me out of my head. I hope you each can feel the love we have for the support you give. Without such, where would Stevie, Ruth, Murphy, Faith & Justice, Otis, Bug, Red (etc., etc.) be?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Living, Loving, Laughing... and Some Tears ~ by Deanna

This life we have chosen certainly allows us to experience the full scale of emotions. The highs can be breathtaking and the lows nearly debilitating. I suppose that's what makes our work soul satisfying.

I have to share a bit more about Bug as she has touched me especially. This little lady has the cutest mannerisms and she is my current "must touch while we sleep" partner. If I could, I would tote her around with me everywhere I go, but like many little old ladies, she is quite content to sleep much of the time.

Below is a clip of Bug making her presence known, followed by a picture of Bug with her Dad, Jon, during a recent visit.

On May 27, Murphy, Buddy, Bow Tie and I headed out to gorgeous Marin County to pick up a generous tack donation Halleck Creek Ranch, a therapeutic riding program in Nicasio. We are sincerely grateful for the large donation which included plenty of blankets for our eldest equine kids for the worst Winter days.

Hillside Pasture and Ranch Overview

The Coolest "Mounting Blocks" Ever!

Simply Stunning

Bow Stole This Idea from Buddy

Murphy Sleeps Comfortably in a Pile of Blankets

As with Bug, our love affair continues to deepen with recent arrival, Ruth. Ruth has made herself quite comfortable and asserts herself more and more. Not only will she guard her food seriously, she shows interest and affection for her siblings.

Ruth Enjoys A Bullystick

Sunday afternoon, this special girl experienced a grand mal seizure. As luck would have it, the Healing Arts Institute was conducting a Jin Shin Jyutsu class here so many loving, healing hands were available and ready to pour energy into Ruth. This was very emotional for me, not just because of the sadness I would have over the short period of time with Ruth, but I shed tears of gratitude over the overwhelming amount of support this lovely old woman received in her moment of greatest need. Beauty beyond measure - plucked from a shelter and into the most supportive circle imaginable... what a blessed little angel Ruth is. Shortly after her time in the circle, Ruth arose, took a drink of water and has been trucking on as usual ever since.

After sharing the above incident with Dr. Hunt, she shared that she wasn't entirely surprised... a "sick" liver (which is one of the consequences of Cushing's disease) can't function properly, so toxins build up in the blood stream and affect the brain ~ "hepatic encephalopathy." We'll take the punches as they come, but are dedicated to helping Ruth enjoy her days here to the fullest.

To add to the emotion of the weekend, our dear William experienced a serious bout of goat bloat. He, too, was the recipent of much loving attention (including both Eastern and Western approaches) and has made a full recovery, though he had us pretty frightened.

As I sign off for now, our little Miss Ruth is enjoying ice cream with Poppa.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi!! This is Hector from Easter Seals reporting on my monthly trek to A Chance For Bliss; an animal sanctuary in Penryn, California. First of all, I would like to report that our resident horse whisperer, Kim, was quite patient while he was grooming Hanauma the horse. I’m happy to further report that John was also grooming Odie. And, furthermore, Bob did a stellar job grooming Prince.

The rest of us cleaned the corral by picking up horse manure. I would like to take this time to thank Crystal for warning me of the impending peril. You see, I was about ready to step right into a big pile of horse manure.

I really like Gracie, the blind Boston terrier. She really inspires me. She keeps on wagging her tail and going forward no matter how many times she bounces off the walls or the furniture. She just keeps on going.

Bow Tie Loves her Uncle John

Prince and Bob are Good Together

Lisa & Hector
Help to Recovery Program
Easter Seals Superior California