Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jasmine Drives!

On Tuesday, May, 25 2010 Easter Seals Superior California HTR program took our monthly excursion to the animal sanctuary. Anthony drove the bus and Jasmine rode shotgun, as an added treat Devora our speech language pathologist went along for the ride. The trip was quiet I didn’t get to annoy anybody ‘cause I was working on a Sudoku puzzle. When we arrived at the sanctuary Rachel was there to greet us we were quite happy because we hadn’t seen her in a long time. We got to do our normal chores like bathe the dogs, brush the horses, and grind flax seed. But then we got to do my favorite play with the dogs. We got to eat our picnic lunch, then we went outside to visit Charlotte the pot-bellied pig. On the way back to Easter Seals, get this Jasmine drove the bus everybody was quite nervous, because we didn’t think she could drive so well. Remember don’t pre-judge us by our intellectual challenges, the dogs don’t see phd’s, mba’s ged’s, or any part of the alphabet. We may not be as smart as the next guy, but no one likes the next guy who is a legend in his own mind. We may not understand quantum mechanics or rocket science, but what we know is love is omnipotent.

Easter Seals Superior California
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