Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remembering Bug ~ by Deanna

I lost a very good friend today. Oh, I know she is an angel now and in a better place, that my sleep will be less disturbed and others will come into the fold, but this girl will be missed like few others.

There's not much to report ~ Bug was fifteen and lived a relatively quiet life. Rachel likened it to a cruise ship, these past two years. That made me smile. Bug would waller around in the sun on the lawn, bark dramatically when she felt a need and rest assured that someone would be right there to attend to her. She got more cookies and ice cream than most. She had her Dad in her life for special weekends away. Okay, there was sometimes more drama in that bark than necessary, indicative of her Princess sensibilities. But that was just Bug. I wouldn't change a thing about her.

She didn't rest very quietly last night. I couldn't figure out why she was restless, she just was. Little growls under her breath. The seizures started around 8:00am. She had my full attention until she left.

Peace be with my angel Bug and Jon Findley, too.

I miss this blogging. Not about passings, but those do tend to call me to the keyboard.

I wish I could concisely synopsize all of the changes since the USA today article was published, but somedays I can't even keep track. The majority of my time revolves around the sponsorship program which was three months new when the article brought the attention we so desperately needed to survive. I have always adored Excel, but honestly, this is a big job for that program. It looks so simple at first, but there are so many nuances. Fifteen possible combinations of categories, not to mention tracking who pays annually versus monthly, via PayPal or by check, who is drawn to a special individual or wants their updates via e-mail as opposed to snail mail. As members of our local Chamber of Commerce, we have access to a bulk mail permit, but that brings another level of complication, sorting by zip codes. We're getting there. All in time. I just want to make sure you're getting what you've asked for. Sometimes I'm in doubt! :o)

Thankfully, our faithful Kathy Leon has amazing friends who have stepped up to build a custom database to manage our needs and growth. This is beyond comprehension for me right now and I am beside myself with excitement. We're getting ready to mail out our August sponsor letters. We're later than we had hoped to be, but what can you do?

For those who follow us on Facebook, our niece Jordan will be here Friday to help assemble packages. She didn't miss a month, even having endured 14+ hours of brain surgery to remedy her epilepsy. I should blog, then post to FB, I know, but it is a habit I'm reforming.

We've also had a few improvements happening around the ranch. The local Boy Scout Troop raised the money and then built a three-sided run in shelter for the horses. That was a dream come true. It is so comforting to see.

A long-lost friend (30 years ~ thank you, Facebook!) has reappeared into our lives and is handy as all get out. Ken Noel has been helping with drainage issues in the back yard, amid assorted other small jobs, and has also built us a proper wash-rack, outfitted for our friends from Easter Seals and AIM, as well. HEAVEN! I am pinching myself.

I'll be in the November issue of Women's World Magazine, a publication that called the day the USA Today article hit. I'm grateful for the time between. Database, database, database.

I love sharing the animals with you. In fact, there is a lovely ten year old BT stepping into the opening that Buggy left. But he deserves his own blog. He's something special. Sam I Am. I like to call him Special Sam or Monkey Butt Sam... you'll see why soon.

Our network drive is down so I'll skip the pictures for tonight. It is ALWAYS something. But I'm not complaining. Thank you for your support in helping us to do what we do.

I'm off to sleep. Missing Bugaboo. Sweet dreams, old girl. Sweet dreams to all of you, too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

AB 1980 ~ Please Act

A bit redundant, perhaps (blog, newsletter and Facebook), but we're passionate about this matter! Please read.

Thank you,