Monday, July 20, 2009

If a Picture Paints 1,000 Words... by Deanna

...then this should constitute a novel!

A photographic tour of the sanctuary, featuring many of our residents as they hung out today.

Thank you, Aunt Jodie, for painting the horses' names on their fly masks!

An Angel Has Lit ~ by Deanna

On Wednesday, we traveled to San Francisco for two huge reasons.

First, we received a third incredibly generous donation of dog food from Freshpet. This is an extremely high quality product and our dogs all love it. It is made from human quality ingredients, just like when we cook here for them, and is sold in the refrigerated section. I urge you to try their product. Locally, it can be purchased at Raley's. Incredibly, the warehouse is quite close to Linda's house (Wonder Dog Rescue), which is perfect, because;

Second, we welcomed home a grateful and loving older girl appropriately dubbed "Angel" by the dedicated members of Wonder Dog who fostered and cared for her since her release from the Martinez shelter on Saturday, July 11. Visit their site for additional information here.
Linda shared that Angel was one of the worst cases of neglect she'd ever witnessed and as her website details, Angel preferred to drink urine and dug frantically in the dirt for worms to eat. Heartbreaking.Angel seems to be completely contented here and is fascinated by the bunnies and chickens. She fit into the pack perfectly and is always ready for a cookie or a tummy rub. She smiles. She sleeps with me. She seems to be quickly returning vibrancy and we are so thrilled to be a part of her healing journey.Whatever she had been through may have broken her body down, but her BT spirit is completely in tact.

I look forward to posting photos soon revealing a body reflecting the radiance of her spirit. The food here is good and she is getting plenty of it now.Loving up kids like Angel is absolutely the best part about what we do here. I love her so much already!