Monday, April 18, 2011

Wow! Blogging... I Almost Forgot How!

The first thing that struck me is that there are now 50 blog followers. Thank you! We are grateful and should be making the time to give you some interesting reads now and again.

It isn't for lack of fodder; this journey undulates like Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper, racing through the completely unexpected, shooting skyward to acutely moving and inspiring, then plummeting into sorrow and surrender, sometimes tempered by a sense of providence, relaxing into the comfort and predictability of the mundane, then rising again through the hopes and promise of another new beginning.

The truth is that I yearn to capture the stories and their associated feelings not only to share with those who care to know, but so that I might have them to look back upon. There are souls who have touched me so deeply that I might never look upon their photo without partially reliving the loss, and I am intensely grateful for the communion. This is both the most gratifying and the most difficult undertaking, but it is rich and full of the very essence of what it means to be human.

Today I have a simple share offering a new avenue of support. We have joined as an affiliate of Stateline Tack and, which means that we will receive 6% of sales that originated through the links on our site (forthcoming.) I have become a seasoned online consumer as well as a spreadsheet crazy comparison shopper. We purchase our equine supplements and fly control through both and I am confident that we could not find better prices.

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If your life includes a best friend who nickers, please consider giving these comprehensive sites a look. Each month, I look forward to seeing what new and innovative products have been introduced.

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Thank you for considering our new partners and enjoy this prime pony weather.