Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Flight to Amsterdam

Paulie's flight from SFO to Amsterdam was delayed 1 hour and 45 minutes due to severe weather in Amsterdam. He had to be at the airport 3 hours ahead of time, instead of the usual 2 hours because of the terrorist attempt last week....they finally took off at 4:55PM (PST).

Paulie was a little stressed out the last 24 hours because Murphy's Law was rearing it's ugly head. Lola got sick yesterday and we were at the vet until 7:00PM, when we got home the heater would not work and this am the fluorescent lights went out in the bathroom, all four of them! We have not seen any sun here for over a week so our solar flood lights do not work....all things that my hubby takes care of. I reassured him I could handle it and called him before his flight left to say the heat was back on....I am just beginning to realize all the things he does for me while I am at work. We have never been a part this long before. I miss him already.

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