Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paul is Coming Home

I have not spoken to Paul since the evening he called me from the summit…..he did not get back to the hotel until his Tuesday morning, our Monday evening. Hopefully he can call me today. Right now it is 8:30PM his time so I will probably not hear from him until this evening. I tried calling but my call would not go through. He leaves this Wednesday evening (10:30PM) after having a guided tour of the city Arusha. He will be home on Thursday at 1:30PM.

I just want to thank all of you who have supported Paulie and I during his climb. It was wonderful to get so many comments and emails full of love, prayers and support. This is my last blog entry. I am sure Paulie will want to make a final entry to let all of you know how the climb went. Take care.


Lynda Hall said...

wow what an amazing journey, thanks for keeping this blog. I really enjoyed reading it and feeling all the joy you both felt when he got to the top.

I said a special prayer to Sammie after I read the He Made It excerpt! :-)

Love you guys,

Vikki said...

Lynda, you are such a good friend. Thank you so much for supporting Paul and I and also the sanctuary.

Lynn said...

Wow, Paul! What a fabulous accomplishment and amazing adventure! I'm proud of you. Some of the pictures Vicki posted look SCARY!! You are brave, to be sure.

Vicki, thank you so much for keeping us updated via the blog. I'm sorry I've been away from it for awhile - power and water outages, made internet communication difficult. And I'm allergic to the phone ;-) I'm so glad Paul has you - he's very lucky.

And it was great seeing you at Christmas at Dad's. Take care and let us know how he is when he gets home.

Your sis, Lynn