Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1 of the Climb - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Paulie started his climb this morning, 1/13/10. Tanzania is 11 hours ahead of us.
I talked to Paulie one more time this evening (PST). He is rested, healthy and ready to get started.

1/12/2010 - "I'm feeling very good right now and I had a very nice breakfast. I've taken a bunch of pictures and a little video. Earlier, I met a couple from San Francisco, (small world) who are going on safari. They approached me because I'm wearing my Whitney t-shirt. The man told me that he proposed to her at the top 2 years ago..."

"I just met a representative from Good Earth ...And get this. I'm the only one on the climb!!! How 'bout them apples. I'm very fine with it!"
It turns out the other two folk's flight was canceled in Germany due to bad weather. Don't worry, Paulie will not climb alone. He will have a guide and 4 porters. Paulie is very spiritual so this may be a wonderful experience as a lone climber. When he makes it to the top, he has the tail hair from our beloved Sammie, who passed away May 18, 2007. He has kept that hair for this mountain climb. He will toss it into the wind in her honor and memory.

Paulie has started at the Machame Gate (5,363')and on this first day, he will climb over 3,937' to Machame Hut (9,300'). He will hike 7.5 hours and travel about 6.21 miles. He will arrive at camp where the elevation is 10,170'.

The weather should be dry. Mild temperatures (max 48°F on Wed morning, min 41°F on Wed night). Wind will be light.

Paulie will text me everyday if he can.

Thank you Ethan, Ella, Mr. Bucher and the Brainiacs, Isa, Christina, Sherri, Beth, Gail, I could go on and on...all of you for your prayers and support.


Lynn said...

What a sweet way to honor Sammie!

Sounds like a wonderful adventure, Paul. And you have your own entourage!

Lynda Hall said...

WOW what an amazing way to honor Sammie, but then it doesn't surprise me. You and Paulie are so amazing yourselves!

YAY Paulie, climb baby climb!

Hugz to you Vikki!

Vikki said...

Thanks Lynn. I love that folks are actually reading my blog.

Love you,


Vikki said...

Hey Lynda, Thank you for your comments. I did not know you were reading my blog.

Thank you!