Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3 - Mt. Kilimanjaro

It is 7:30AM of day 3 - Today Paulie will climb to Barranco Camp. The elevation is 12,800'. It will take 5 hours to hike, I am not sure how many miles and the elevation change will only be about 328', but Paulie will need time to acclimatize.

The morning climb is steep as you climb to Lava Tower at 4,600 meters at midday before descending again on the scenic route to Barranco Camp. Lava Tower is a great hike between Shira Camp and Barranco Camp. It’s a great way to help acclimate to the altitude - hike high, sleep low - as it’s an extra few thousand feet above Barranco Camp.

I have not received a text from Paulie since yesterday morning. I know he is texting me but they are just not coming through. He told me not to worry if I do not hear from him. I am not, but I do miss hearing from him. I still text him just in case he can get my messages, I even left him a voicemail message. Paulie and I talk everyday at least 5 times while I am at work. He is my best friend. I have never gone a day without hearing from him.

Wow, it is only 9:00PM (PST) and I think I am done for the evening....

Lala salama


Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing you are doing Pauli-wog! I'm so proud of you. And Vikki wow I can't thank you enough for keeping us updated on what he is doing each day. I love you so much and I love how much you love my brother that kind of love is rare and precious, just like you are to me.-Lorianne

Lynda Hall said...

wow, I love that picture. Looks scary to me!!! I'm sure you miss him Vikki, that's gotta be tough. He is doing such an amazing thing. I cannot even imagine the thrilling feeling he will have when he reaches the top!!! :-)

Vikki said...

You are so sweet Lorianne! Thank you for your support and kind words.