Friday, May 29, 2009

Respect ~ Understanding ~ Truth ~ Honor (by Deanna)

Our newest love affair is with a divine older gal named Ruth who came home to us on May 19.
For nearly a year now, we have known an extraordinary woman, Dr. Margaret Hunt, DVM, who works for the Sacramento County animal shelter. We met Dr. Hunt when she responded to our Craigslist ad regarding Hope's 6-8-08 disappearance. Incredibly, Dr. Hunt volunteered several hours in extreme heat helping us pound the pavement in search of our (still missing) one and only. You may have realized by now that our dear friend shares our passion for America's first breed, the Boston Terrier.

When she contacted us about a hospice case, we could not turn away. She told us of an old, stray BT with multiple challenges - an enlarged liver, corneal ulcer, probable Cushing's - and we were sold. The photos that came later just solidified our commitment and I went to the shelter at the first possible opportunity.Within an hour of Ruth's arrival, Jan Harper arrived at the ranch to perform cold laser therapy and chiropractic on some of the residents. Score, Ruthie!
A few days later, Ruth received another treatment from Aunt Jan, as well as energy work from Tom Wilson and visitor Kathy Veder. Add to that some loving cleansing and home cooked meals, and Miss Ruth has begun to make herself at home. She has figured out the dog door, follows us around as part of the "mobile" pack and has a special affinity for Bug. I look forward to sharing more Ruth stories as we would love this dear girl to stick around for a long time. Heartfelt appreciation to the healers who share their talents and energies with Ruth and the others. Our circle of love keeps ever expanding and the love light shines bright.

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