Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesdays with Maggie ~ Ms. Hanauma

I am experiencing a bad case of writer’s block today and after writing this, I realized Dee was ahead of the game as always, and had already written about Earth Day. So most of this will be a repeat, but with a little extra. So I ask for forgiveness for the repetition. Let’s consider this an experiment with perspective.
A few weeks ago we attended Loomis’ Earth Day. It was perfect weather for such an event, something I am dreaming of now as it continues to rain. So, Woody, Dee, and I packed up the truck and brought Sunny, Murphy, and our newest treasure, Hanauma. In case you haven’t met Hana, she is one of our newest additions, a 30-year old Rocky Mountain horse. She is the sweetest girl and has become very popular among the gentlemen of our herd. We asked Hanauma to endure bows in the tail, bows in her mane, and to stand at our booth while we talked to the many visitors that came to say hello. For her first time as a spokes-horse, she did fabulous. She was patient and didn’t fuss at all. How many of us can actually admit that? I was actually ready to leave after a few hours. My favorite part was when the children would run up eager to pet her. Of course, little girls thought the lavender ribbons in her mane and tail were over the top! Nothing is more important that having our younger generation appreciate the animals and understand that every creature has their value. I just loved it. It was a successful day. We met many wonderful people and have increased interested in our volunteer program. The more the merrier!
Back to Hana. We rarely ask much of our creatures, just that they live happily and comfortably. So when we asked Hana to go the extra mile for us, she did an amazing job. Just goes to show what wonderful creatures we have at the farm. All are amazing and most (I am not sure Ferdi would – he has his own agenda) always show their appreciation and affection to us. It’s a wonderful experience and one we do not take for granted.

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