Friday, May 15, 2009

Photos by Deanna

There have been some fun ones lately, so I felt the need to share!
Chico warns me to get the camera away from him.

Murphy likes the table .

Prince (our eldest horse - 34) THOROUGHLY enjoys Bob's groom

Paddington works a Bully Stick.

Cottonwood fluff everywhere... Red soothing an itch.

Doc and Mini-Doc (Handsome is a bit thick right now!)

What? I'm helping to clean the bowls...

Gracie loves a blankie

Faith and Justice share a meal

A much thinner Miss Piggy enjoys a clean bunk.

Piggies eating poridge

Buddy chills on the ride to Modesto to rescue horses

Ms. Bow Tie kickin' it with a hoofie

Bug kisses her new Dad

Laid back would be an understatment, Otis!

This IS my normal face!

Hi! I'm Baby! I got my hairs cut!

Red sticks his tongue out at those who neglected him.
The big boy is looking better every day.


Meg said...

I love these!! Love the one of Prince laughing with joy.

Anonymous said...

My heart opens up everytime I check out your website!

Many blessings to you and may prosperity fill your cups!