Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Piece of Heaven

My grandma lived in Penryn and a number of years ago she met a wonderful couple who had recently moved down the lane, and so began a dear friendship with Deanna and Woody.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bartley home grow into a piece of heaven for dozens of animals (and the people who visit them!) Each time I see the the expanse of their love and dedication my heart swells.

So this past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to A Chance for Bliss with my close family friends, a family of six with children ages 5 months to 6 years. The middle girl, Eve who's four, was a living testimony of how much a piece of heaven the Bartley compound truly is.

Anna and Greg, the wonderful parents, deeply enjoyed Woody's fabulous tour and learning the history of A Chance for Bliss (for as long as I've know them I'd never heard the whole story- what a treat). Eve precociously followed at Woody's heals, enthusiastically asking to pet animals with each breath. Her eyes sparkled with wonder and joy as she made contact with the gentle, knowing, and loving residents of the sanctuary.

Grace, six and a half, stayed back, happy to admire the animals from the shade, and little Jack, three, got a nice love nibble from one of the horses and then went to visit Ferdinand (the LARGE steer). I carried Jack over to the gentle and giant and he pointed excitedly, "I ride that one!"

In the house (which looks and smells as if no animals live there) we were greeted by well over a dozen adorable puppies, all old and many with special needs. These beautiful animals brought such joy to the three creature loving children, and Anna and Greg appreciated the herd.

A big thanks to Woody for his patient and incredible tour and to the Bartleys for their unbelievable work and spirits. Without them we would not have a little piece of heaven in Penyrn. If you haven't visited- I strongly recommend a day at the sanctuary- I personally enjoy visits with Deanna while shoveling manure (it is actually relaxing). I promise you will be inspired.


McKeowns said...

What a lovely post, Jessie! THANK YOU for introducing us to A Chance for Bliss, and THANK YOU Woody for kindly and patiently showing us around! It was a piece of heaven on earth!

A Chance for Bliss said...
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A Chance for Bliss said...

I couldn't have written a more perfect blog. Thank you! It is all true, especially zen-manure time! ~ Margaret