Wednesday, December 16, 2009

They Arrived

On December 15, 2009 we (Easter Seals Superior California-Help to Recovery program) were visited by Deanna & Lydia from A Chance For Bliss. With them, they brought Doc the horse, William the goat (better known as Billygoat) and Jilly the dog. Hector affectionately calls her Chili-dog. The clients paid $1for a picture with the animals. Prem did a lovely job of printing all the pictures that she took.
Deanna & Lydia also visited the Holiday Shoppe. They were surprised with all the inventory. They made plenty of different purchases. Deanna even thought the youth in Asia joke from Hector was funny.
It felt great to have Deanna & Lydia here to visit us and see all the hard work & effort we are putting into the Holiday Shoppe. We at Easter Seals are doing all we can to keep A Chance For Bliss open. We would be lost without having the animals to visit. It is the one tangible thing we can do to show we are good for something.
Remember to take a tip from the dogs. Don’t judge us by our intellectual challenges or our developmental disabilities. Sniff our feet and you’ll know if we have a good heart. You see, dogs don’t care about intellect; only good hearts.

-Lisa & Hector
Easter Seals Superior California
Help to Recovery Program


Anonymous said...

Where IS this shop??

Anonymous said...

The information was posted as a flyer on the main page... the event ended on 12/17.