Saturday, December 19, 2009

Checking In... ~ Deanna

Woody and I, along with our unbelievable circle of support, are truly overwhelmed with gratitude. We've also been busy with fundraising and holiday events, routine care and maintenance, coupled with the inevitable surprises inherent in our work.

Answers to the biggest questions are coming very soon ~

* I will wait to update our thermometer until Sunday's Fun Run and Dog Walk is closed.

* Woody has been working on the mortgage situation from a couple of angles and will provide an update no later than Tuesday.

On a personal note, I view it as a statement about our society that there have been a few ~ a SLIGHT few ~ that question the integrity and intention behind our curent situation. Outsiders not taking the time to get acquainted with our history posting comments sans their names. Upon exploration, these few leave many comments on a myriad subjects and their viewpoint is dark in nature. I truly have empathy for them. In the absence of darkness, however, we would be unable to appreciate the light. And so is life.

On that note, I am going to share a Christmas letter written by Woody's Mother, Suzanne Brintzenhofe. Mom has made it a tradition to share a snapshot moment each year that illustrates the holiday spirit, as opposed to a rundown of the annual events. It is my pleasure to share this wish for each of you.

Finding Love in the Strangest Places

On my way to the blood drawing lab in Germantown, I wondered if there would be a long line of people in the hall leading to the waiting room. I hoped not!

When I arrived, there were a few patients waiting in the hallway and I took my place in line. I didn't stand there very long before someone vacated a seat in the waiting room and the person at the front of the line offered the seat to me. I guess it pays to be a senior with white hair after all!

I was seated next to a beautiful woman with a small child in her lap, about one year old. The toddler climbed down from he mother's lap and started to go around the room to meet and greet the seated adults. She even wanted to sit on some of the adults' laps. She obviously hadn't been walking for very long by the looks of her unsteady gait.

During her "meet and greet" expedition around the room, another mother and child came into the waiting room and walked to the front desk to register for their lab work. This child appeared to be about three or four years old. The child was facing into the waiting room and standing quietly by his mother's side.

"Miss Congeniality" made her unsteady way to the front desk, looked directly at the boy standiung next to his mother, held her arms straight out, walked up to the boy and wrapped her small arms half way around his body.

There was a simultaneous chorus of "Awwwwww!" by every adult in the room.

May each of you experience the wonder, joy, and pure love of a child {or pup!} during this holiday and in the new year to come.

They say the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree... Our parents mean much to us.

Bug is recovering nicely from her surgery and Sunny spoons with one of us each night. For the most part, everyone else is well.

More soon... with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

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Jodie said...

That was a wonderful snapshot moment!! :0) Thanks for sharing Deanna!!