Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Nation for Tuna ~ Deanna

Admittedly, when we've run out of canned cat food, I've tried to entice Seinfeld and Beau with a can of tuna. Heck, I adore the stuff and couldn't get enough growing up. For whatever reason, our boys don't like the stuff, which baffles me.

Our new friend, Sockington, shares my passion for Tuna. This is one cool cat. In fact, he not only has his own website, he has a Twitter account with an astonishing 1,433,268 followers. He also has his own Army who also Tweet.

This fabulous new feline friend from the East Coast gave our little ranch a shout out today. Woody was surprised this morning when he logged into e-mail and found 30 donation notices from PayPal at that point. By the end of the day, we received $1,295 as 48 individual donations from 21 states in the US, as well as Israel, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. And just look at what it did to our web stats!


I am pleased to see that our new buddy also uses Flickr to share galleries of his famous mug!

It was a busy (and freakin' COLD) weekend here in Northern California and I owe everyone a donation update. Tomorrow we visit the Easter Seals Holiday Shoppe with a pony AND we need hay and grain on top of regular duties. I'll get a true tally up by Wednesday morning. For now, I am increasing the thermometer by $3,571: $450 from Aunt Cynthia's event, $450 from the Cronan Ranch Benefit Ride, $166 from Margaret and the Travelers Christmas Craft Faire, $560 from the mail, $650 in assorted PayPal donations and $1,295 from the Socks Army. That is an enormous sum of money from a short few days.

To say that we feel loved is completedly understated. Trust me, we pass that warm fuzzy feeling onto our kids. I went out tonight near midnight to drop another round of hay to the horses. It's COLD out there! I am honored to do so. Thank you for all you're doing so that we might continue to treat these old kids with the care they so deserve.



Meg said...


In the summer, I saw an amazing thing happen at a blog called Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. The lady who runs it fosters kittens for her local Humane Society (Tacoma, WA). They were having a fundraiser and she appealed to her readers to donate. She hoped to make a thousand dollars.

She ended up needing to raise the bar many times--and ended up raising an astonishing $22,000. Her readers were that generous! So it's awesome to see Sockington do that for you. I hope those donations continue to roll in!

Anonymous said...

That's marvelous news- so very excited for you guys!

(And BTW I too have resorted to feeding my cat Tuna when all else fails. Though I'm pretty sure i could give him a rock, tell him its food and he'd eat it... but he does appreciate the tuna! )

Much love,