Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stores Open

On December the 8th, 2009 the Easter Seals Superior California Help to Recovery Program had the grand opening of their annual holiday shoppe. It was a very festive occasion. There were so many customers and entertainment by the carolers from the California Retired Teachers Association. They had everyone engaged in singing along with them. Everyone was in the holiday spirit afterwards.
Our cashier was Al. Steven worked the café. Lisa, Linda, & John did gift wrapping. Tony was our greeter. He did even better than the Wal-mart greeters. Les & Hector were selling raffle tickets.
You see, there are many raffle prizes to choose from. They include: a gift certificate to Cheesecake Factory, another gift certificate to Safeway, & many other prizes. The drawing will be on the seventeenth of December 2009. Tickets are only $1. That is some kind of deal!!
On the first day of business; according to Al, over $400 was sold. There are still many nice gifts available. So, please come visit if you can. All proceeds will benefit A Chance For Bliss.
Remember to take a tip from the dogs. Don’t judge us by our canes or walkers;
Sniff our hands first. We’ll know if you like us. You don’t have to wag your tail.

Lisa & Hector
Help to Recovery Program
Easter Seals Superior California


Anonymous said...

Where is the Holiday Shoppe?

Anonymous said...

OT but if you need help financially with senior dogs there is a foundation that specifically aids shelters and sanctuaries that help older dogs esp. special needs dogs. You would have to apply for the aid. It is called the Grey Muzzle foundation and you can google or find them on links from sites like Muttville or Old Dog Haven or Senior Dog Rescue, all of whom are sanctuaries and rescues for elderly and special needs dogs. Good luck with your situation. I have read some of the absolutely horrible newspaper article comments and am deeply shocked at the attitudes of people in your community - remind me never to move to that area, you have some really, really snarky neighbors!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I can not find any negative comments on the two papers that have run the ACFB story. There is so much good happening. Those unhappy people with shut-down hearts must have had horrible childhoods and I pity them.