Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesdays with Maggie ~ rain

Sometimes I think I should be living in Seattle. I am weird. I love the rain. But lately, my fondness for one of Mother Nature’s treasures has diminished. Rain at the farm = mud, mud, and more mud. It’s a mess.
One of the things I appreciate about Woody & Dee’s philosophy about the farm, is that they keep things immaculate. And believe me, this is no easy feat with so many animals. They work incredibly hard to give these beautiful creatures a clean and fresh home. I have often said that the chicken coop is cleaner than my own home! And for every visitor I bring to the farm, they say the same thing (that and how special our little farm is). I cannot begin to tell you the hours they spend making sure everything is neat and tidy. It is truly amazing, and to think there are only two of them doing all this work!!!
So when the mud is everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE) we have to remind ourselves that rain is a good thing. It will bring us flowers, grass, and the dust will be washed off those hard to reach places.
The sun will shine again, that’s a guarantee. But until then, I’ll put on my wellies and slip slide around the farm trying to keep up with Dee & Woody. Maybe I’ll even jump in a few puddles. Make lemonade out of lemons right?
God Bless Dee & Woody for all their hard work and dedication. I am truly impressed everyday.

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