Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesdays with Maggie ~ Light

Let there be light.
One of the first things I noticed during the winter months here at the farm is how dark it got. I live in suburbia so there are always streetlights, headlights, houselights to light my world. But when the days became shorter I found it increasingly depressing to continue to do evening chores in the dark. So at my small request (emphasis on “small”) to have electricity run to the two sheds to provide light, my dear friend John stepped right up. Now when I say small, that was all in my head. I thought it would be an easy project, a day or two at least. Boy, was I wrong! I won’t bore you with the details but it turned into a major project lasting a month. Not only that, it took the kindness of Dee & Woody’s neighbors to jump in and help to get this project completed. So when I got the phone call on my birthday from John, the best news was “we have light!” Hurray! I cannot thank John enough for his time, his skill, and his patience for helping me offer this little something special to my farm. I can’t begin to take credit for any of it since I had no idea how to do any of this. I just had a small request. God Bless John for his hard work. I know he understands how I feel about my little farm when he first came out and spent the day at the farm and said to me later, “now I understand why you like coming out here”. He gets it. I thank God every day for the kindness that others have shown me and especially our little farm. I do not take this for granted. Thank you John. For you, I am eternally grateful.

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