Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing Jetta and Jilly

A little shout out here from Deanna to Lauren and Tim Rossovich for the fine job they're doing with Chow Chow Rescue. These pups belonged to Tim's Mother who recently passed and small dogs simply don't work in the environment that the Rossovich's have established. It was a true pleasure to meet and spend time with such big-hearted people and to share stories of the differing aspects of the rescue paradigm. Rescues and Sanctuaries truly compliment one another and it is nice to work together with such fine folks.

On a lighter note, these two are fascinating - after Tim's professional career in the NFL, playing for Philadelphia and San Diego, both he and Lauren worked as professional stunt-people (and have the new body-parts to prove it!) Tim also acted in a slew of films, most notably Cheech & Chong's "Nice Dreams." During his NFL career, Tim was known for chewing glass and setting himself aflame ~ further proof that us rescuers tend to be just a bubble off plumb!

Hugs and kisses to you both, Tim & Lauren. We look forward to working together again.

Here's Darcy:

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