Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potty, Water, Cookie ~ by Deanna

My first priorities. Drakula taught us that. The cute older Boston with no eyes would simply stand up and bark when he needed one of these essential needs met. Otherwise, he was absolutely low maintenance. He never "pottied in the house" because he rarely left his throne unless assisted. How I miss that boy. How I look forward to publishing a page in our site dedicated to those who came before. Each a magnificent teacher.

In the absence of an additional full-time person, I am back to the basics ~ potty, water, cookie, then cleaning, laundry, accounting... way down the list have gone the more creative expressions and even personal acknowledgements. We're working on systems and grants and volunteers and fundraisers and networking and so on and so on, but first things always first - the animals' well-being.

Thank you for understanding and bearing with the lulls in communication.

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