Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesdays with Maggie ~ A Good Day

I am fortunate.
I rarely have a bad day. I have boring days, so-so days, I-feel-fat-days, but lately, rarely a bad day. And if I do, I try to remember a really good day and remind myself of the good feelings that I got from that day. I had a perfect day recently at our funny little farm.
The temperature was perfect spring weather (its still winter right?). I took my boy for a leisurely trail ride. While we rode, I focused on the sound of the leaves, the buzzing of insects, the sun on my now very pasty winter-tanned skin. I appreciated the lack of car noise, radio noise, people noise, and other deterrences. And while I focused on all that, my trusty stead was focusing on the ever present newly grown grasses that had popped up since we last rode our favorite trail. He would pretend to sniff the trail when he would suddenly swing his head to one side and grab a mouthful of grass. I couldn’t fight it anymore. So we found a grassy patch of field, I dismounted, and let my friend grab as much grass as he could. While I watched my four-legged lawnmower, I had to laugh because he had what seemed like a million blades of grass hanging out of his mouth (perhaps he’s really a hamster?). After his snack, I got back on board and we rode home. He had been a good boy, listening to his queues and not putting up a fight when I made him go a little bit longer down a different trail. When we got home and I took him back to his pasture, he got a drink of water and slurped it loudly. Manners! He was then off to go roll in the dirt. All my hard work of grooming gone in an instant. It didn’t matter though, he cracks me up. I thought about how funny he can be and what a good buddy he has become to me. I guess that’s what makes a good day great. Spending a day with your buddy. And looking back, I am not sure who had a better time. Me or Zulu. No matter, we will have many more good days ahead.
I am very fortunate indeed.

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