Monday, May 17, 2010

Thoughts of peace and love to our friend Bob and his family

We have just received the news that long time sanctuary volunteer, supporter, and friend Bob Walter passed away peacefully in his home this weekend.

Bob was and remains well loved by all at the Sanctuary. He began volunteering here nearly two years ago, and his quiet cheerful spirit was appreciated by all, two and four legged. He particularly bonded with the horses. Tank, our giant white draft horse, who passed in February 2009, had a special bond with Bob. Although sometimes Tank's gigantic size could get him into trouble, Bob was always quick to defend him-- "He is a good horse. He didn't mean it". We used to love to watch Bob groom Tank, taking such pride in his work, fearlessly brushing, hugging, and leading around his 2000 pound friend. When I told Bob that Tank had passed, he simply responded with a sad smile "He was a good boy, and now he is in a better place".

Prince, was another favorite of Bob's. This Thoroughbred used to love to make Bob laugh by making faces when Bob would scratch his itchy spot. Even when Prince first came to the sanctuary and had not the healthy body and coat he does now, Bob loved him. They were two gentle old souls with occasionally quirky senses of humor enjoying each other's company.

Although Bob was quiet, his smile and kindness always encouraged us to strike up conversations with him, to get a glimpse of his inner workings. I will always remember Bob as a person who stuck up for others, who had surprising and sometimes hilarious insights about the human condition, and who approached all with a spirit of willing kindness.

Bob, we grieve along with your family for how much we will miss you, and with tears free flowing, wish you all the happiness and beauty wherever your spirit now calls home.

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Walter Family said...

Thank you for a beautiful tribute. Bob loved his time at your sanctuary. We always knew when he had visited you as he would come home with a special glow. We are grateful for your kindness to him and for providing a place where he could be around the animals that he so dearly loved. Sincerest gratitude for your wonderful words. The Walter family