Friday, May 7, 2010

Is This Heaven?

“Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.”

In the movie “Field of Dreams” when Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella heard “The Voice”, he started doing some crazy things: mowed down his cornfield to build a baseball park, took off on an odd and enlightening road trip, met and befriended people from the past. To many it all seemed just nuts. But, supported by his wise and spunky wife, Annie, Ray continued to heed “The Voice”, and events unfolded in a way (a good way), that they could never have imagined.

Today, here at The Ranch, as I scooped up doggie poop in the backyard, happily humming and putting new, animal-inspired lyrics to old familiar tunes in my head (Woody and I have this in common), I thought about Ray and smiled.

See, when I started to really listen to my “voice”, life as I had known it for the last 20 years, came to a rather abrupt end. My job, marriage, close-knit family, beautiful house, good credit, beloved pets…all were gone baby, gone. And now, a few years later, here I am at A Chance for Bliss, spending time in the company of some of the finest people I know, caring for all kinds of wondrous animals, and happily humming while scooping dog poop! Who knew?

Hmmmm. A song lyric comes to mind: “…who could know that a man would come who would change the shape of my dreams? Helpless now I stand with him, watching older dreams grow dim…” Quick! Name that musical! ANYWAY. Take out “a man” and “him”, insert “The Voice”. And yes, my dreams are changing shape---morhping into dreams that are closer to my heart’s true desires. Yay!

When Woody and Deanna adopted Chance and Bliss, they had no idea that an animal sanctuary was in their future. (I bet “The Voice” knew) (I’m just sayin’…) But now they marvel at the “right-ness” of it all. And though there are days here at The Ranch when we wonder how we’re gonna make it through another month, mostly we know that, as with Ray and his field of dreams, all kinds of folks are drawn to this place and are inspired to contribute their time, talent and treasure. And we are thrilled, humbled, and so very grateful.

“…oh people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come…”

A Chance for Bliss Animal Sanctuary. Is this heaven? Yes. I believe it is.

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