Wednesday, November 4, 2009



There are Heroes Everywhere !!

Because of YOU, word has been spreading and there is so much to be thankful for in this newsletter. But first, it's important to talk about three heroes that truly stand out in this effort to Save the Ranch:

Margaret Andrews
'Mags' was the very first person to join A Chance for Bliss over a year and a half ago. She loves all animals, especially equines, and has been of invaluable assistance to Dee and Woody. Margaret is always at the ranch, pitching in wherever she is needed, no matter what - her 'elbow grease' is amazing! More than that, she is a true friend and her dedication to the sanctuary is unrivaled.

Lynn Willingham
This philanthropist extraordinaire has earned her wings many times over. For the past 20 years, the book sales she has held at her home in Penryn have generated over $425,000 for local, non- profit animal organizations. At the sale this past weekend, she set up a special area with a donation jar and pictures of our residents, and the money started pouring in... over $800! Lynn is truly a singular woman, and it is an honor to know her.

Linda Bagnall
This Sun City/Lincoln Hills resident and a newcomer to A Chance for Bliss, rallies her neighbors through their Yahoo! group. Linda has been a blessing to this effort, and we are so grateful for her support.

Please Join Us on Yahoo!

Please join the Yahoo! group for A Chance for Bliss - it only takes minute to do. It's small group right now, and we would love you to be a part of it. When you join the group, you'll be part of a forum where you can 'connect' to other like-minded members with your great ideas.

Kory and Shawn Murphy have hooked up with Kevin Wilkinson from Scott's Corner Hay & Feed in Newcastle to coordinate some run-in shelters, but we sure could use more materials (and we're not picky!) If you are able to donate building materials, do join the Yahoo group to work with them.

Since the Last Update

A HUGE THANK YOU to the ongoing monthly supporters of A Chance for Bliss. Their regular donations help defray the day-to-day expenses at the sanctuary. A thousand thanks to the Fibush, Sweeney, Reeves and Thorpe families.

We gratefully acknowledge our most recent donors:

Lynn Aiani, Judith Amor, Gene Anderson, JoAnne Andrews, Margaret Andrews, Judy Bacich, Tom Bailey, Nancy Ball, Carolyn Bartley, Joan & John Bartley, Bernell Bennion, Ann Bjorklund, Beverly Brown, Casey Brown, Jessica Bugge, Anita Bunter, Susan Call, Catharine Ching, Kathleen Cicairos, Janel Connell, Maria Cornelius, Charlene Cota-Leatherman, Sheree Courtney, Jeremy Couzens, Curtis & Janice Covington, Katherine Cunningham, Edna Dager, Cynthia DeBord, Robert Delucchi, Susan DeMartile, Deirdre Dement, Sandra Devin, Denise Draper Bays, Rita & Jack Drinkard, Alexis Durham, Joseph Elie, Paula & Mike Ewing, Jennifer Fatkin, Judi & David Fibush, Susan Fischer, Dennis Forbes, Nancy Fox, Scott Freitas, Pamela Fulmer, Gary Gallawa, Ann Gardner, Diane Glueckert, Natalie Granchukoff (again!), Domenic Gulino, Ron Hanson, Tony Held, Julie Hersch, Jeanne Heschele, Sandra Hesnard, Jerri Hildebrand, Birgit & Kurt Huffman, Shelley Jacobson, Donna Jenkins, Patricia Johnson, Carol Johnston, Suzi Johnston, Joni Jorgensen Risk, Sunny Jung, Doris Keyes, Kathryn Keyes, Alan Kim, Heidi, Cali & Alex Knost, Sarah Kopy, Carmen Kouhestani, Margaret Krause, Liang-hsuan Kuo, Joanne Lee, Kian Lee, Felicity MacGrain, Maria ManzanillaOwen, Lisa Marshall, Karen Mason, Katherine Masyn, Nancy McKee, Marnette Meaney, Vicky Meyer, Ellen Nakata-Harper, Beverly Nanez, Christian Nielsen, Vicki Oberg, Lenna Ontai-Grzebik, Caryn Parmalee, Ashley Pelia, Misty Pellow, Vicki Perry, Pat Pitts, Candace Primrose, Marilyn & Rex Railsback, Ann Ranlett, Katherine Reschly, Susan Reynolds, Robin Risser, Vicky & Dr. Miguel Rivera, Betty Rogers, Karen Rogers, Sara Rusmisel, Lana Schultz, Vickie Shaug, Lois Shawver, Paula Skelton, Janice Slone, Erik Smith, Melodie Smith, Peggy Smith, Susan Stack, Janis Stanfill, Kelly Swallows, Colleen Sweeney, Carley Sweet, Jetta Tatom, Gary Thomas, Elise & Paul Thompson, Sharon Thorpe, Marysue Tiffany, Sarah Tomaszewski-Farias, Robert Tsuk, Kathleen Vanstory, Julia Velson, Melanie Walker, Nancie Watts, Dana Westmoreland, Ann & James Whitfield, Lynn Willingham (again!), Masako Yeager, Friends of Placer/Tahoe Vista Placer County Animal Shelter, Furman Properties, LLC, Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue and

Thanks to so many who have written to the The Ellen Degeneres Show, including: Jeanette Patterson, Judi and David Fibush, Julia Velson, Doris Keys, Elizabeth Faherty, Becca Davis, Christina Watts, Cynthia Dibor, Kay Cunningham and Eileen Thornton. Here's the link again:

Here's a great example of a letter from Judi Fibush:

"Here's what I did for the Ellen show. I filled in my name etc at the top of the form including a (required) picture of Handsome (attached). In the 'story' I wrote this:"

"This is about the marvelous people who run an animal sanctuary for all kinds of domestic animals who have been abandoned, dumped, starved, beaten, left to die, etc. by giving them a home and care and love until they pass on. David (Woody) and Deanna are in a terrible financial crunch to keep this place going. Please go to their website at and look up the RESIDENTS and see their pix and read their stories. (My favorite is Handsome, the pony who was born with a club hoof , they had surgery done and he is normal now and very handsome.) they are also a 501(c)3 #261452047 charity so all contributions are deductible. Please help this cause as Woody and Deanna are an unselfish, passionate and caring people as you can find..."

Wanna write Oprah? Let me know when you do!

Dan Turner wrote to KTXL Fox 40 ! Thank you, Dan!

Thanks to so many of you for requesting copies of the flyer, "At the Heart of the Matter", including: Tom Wilson, Rene Bender, Mary Hartwell, Sharon Jacobson, Kory Murphy, Linda Bagnall (Linda also wrote to the Lincoln News Messenger), Dr. Gerald Djuth, Lynn Willingham, Suzi Johnston, Ronda Belka, Tiffany Malone, Heather Ireland, Christina Watts, Shawn & Kory Murphy, Felice & Gregory Hussa, Birgit Huffman, Cory Bertoglio, Cynthia McCoy, Lynn Willingham, Jajuan Francis, Emily Jacobson, Tish Eccleston, Ann Ranlett, Carl Brunberg, Pamela Gorman, Heather Olson, Theresa Magee, Carole Baird, Diana Ramirez, Vicki Rivera, Frances M., and Tana Symons. A link to the flyer is now on the home page: Thanks to all of you for spreading the word!

Diana Himes
Our new friend to A Chance for Bliss wrote to her Sun City/Lincoln Hills Yahoo! Group: "This is a worthy group. I have been to their place and met ALL of the animals. It is a wonderful, clean, and caring home for older animals that have no other option but death. Some of these animals are there because they have lost their elderly owners. Others are there because of neglect or abuse, and no one wanted them. They are now living out the rest of their lives knowing only kindness. This couple has devoted their home and property to this and now this is in jeopardy. Check out their website and please consider sending a donation if you can..."

Felice Hussa
Thank you for posting the flyer and for recruiting a friend:

" I have put up posters at Blue Goose Produce, Wild Chicken Coffee, Christensen's Tack, Main Drug, and Raley's Loomis. Also Newcastle Produce. I added tags at the bottom with ... I'm going to make several posters that are two put together so they can go in a window with the tags on the poster inside the building."

... Pat Brown is a wildlife rescuer who specializes in ducks and geese. She works occasionally at the Folsom Zoo. She will download some flyers and go to these places to post them tomorrow: Folsom Zoo, Bayside Veterinary Hospital, Douglas Ranch & Supply, Raley's on Folsom Auburn Road."

The Railsbacks (friends of the Fibush family) delivered a cash donation and blankets to the sanctuary.

K.D. Beebe
Hey, here's an idea for your sorority girls or fraternity guys!
"In San Francisco I was friends with girls in sororities and they often told me about their philanthropy work. Have you considered contacting any sororities or fraternities at Sac State or even UCD? They're basically perky little armies who do their own fundraising ..."

BK England
I am doing my darndest to contact people, and hope to have Woody on the KAHI Corral ... I love those guys!!!

Reverend Ann Whitfield
"Hey Dee: If you liked the story of Summer, would like me to keep writing animals stories for you ... to help raise awareness and funds? ... This is one thing I can do for you. My husband, Jim is sending you a donation via your website."

Somehow God will work this out for you. Have you tried the Bill Gates Fund, which is focused on kids and education but you have disabled kids come to the ranch ..."

A Chance for Bliss t-shirts are now on sale online through Café Press. Click on the donate button on their home page: and you'll find the link to Café Press. There are many styles to choose from (I better order mine today)!

and CAROLE BAIRD, OWNER of CREEKSIDE PET RESORT (Tom teaches animal classes at the sanctuary, including Craniosacral, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tui Na, Acupressure, Reiki and more!)

Acupressure Massage at Creekside Pet Resort
5441 Hackberry Lane, Sacramento

"We're going to massage animals as a fundraiser on November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, (and maybe some that weekend). Clients who leave their animals for boarding will be given a option to have an acupressure massage for only $35; all proceeds will benefit ACFB. Carole will extract hard expenses such as stamps, envelopes, labels - all out of pocket expenses - all of the labor is free."


"... a group of our clients here at Easter Seals volunteer at the sanctuary once every month. Our clients from the Help to Recovery Program are adults who have suffered brain injuries and are participating in our program to build the necessary skills to hopefully one day be able to return to the community setting. Deanna and Woody were so generous in offering us this volunteer opportunity over a year ago, and I can't describe the degree to which it has positively affected and changed these clients.

Each year, our program hosts a Holiday Shoppe in December. It is strictly stocked with donations from Hallmark and other donors, and the items are sold at reasonable prices to encourage people to shop for friends, family, co-workers, etc. It's also a venue for the participants of our other adult day programs to shop for each other and their loved ones. Our clients select an organization to donate the proceeds each year; last year they selected ACFB, and we were able to donate over $1,000 to the sanctuary. Immediately after wrapping up the shoppe, the clients decided they wanted ACFB to be the recipient again this year. I don't have dates yet, but hopefully this will be something you can eventually add to your flyer. As soon as I have the details, I will forward the information to you. We are usually open 6-8 times throughout December (Monday-Friday). I just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Thank you for keeping us posted on everything that is going on. We appreciate all of the information and will do everything we can to help."

Krisko Farms in Newcastle is taking advance orders for their Placer-grown mandarin oranges. Half of the proceeds will benefit A Chance for Bliss. A 10 pound sack is only $12! Thank you to Terri Dudgeon (Kory Murphy's mom) !

Sunday, December 6th Time: 1:00-5:00 p.m.
3190 Swetzer Road, Loomis (near King/Taylor intersection)
Activities Planned: wine tasting, munchies (for humans and dogs); Pet Portraits with Santa; Grooming Demo; Obedience Training Demo; Tours of the Cat Nap Inn and four large living rooms for cage-free boarding; large play yards, raffle (several items, including a week at a time share anywhere in the world) and a short dedication ceremony in Memorial Garden."
(BTW, Aunt Cynthia's is now able to care for cats in my new building! It is called "Cat Nap Inn". I also can care for other exotics...such as bearded dragons, birds, hamsters, etc.)

The irrepressible spirit in this woman continues to come up with new ways to support the sanctuary:
". . .on Etsy, I always have a number of items in my shop with a portion going to A Chance for Bliss (from $1 - $10). Here's the link for those items: Maybe folks can find some holiday gifts there or in Barking Dog Blanket's shop and help Bliss in the process :) I also have stuff on Bonanzle with a donation to ACFB: "

We've been gathering items from gracious donors for a garage sale, BUT, we don't have a location. We've got the stuff and the volunteers, but no place to go. If you know of a place where we can have a garage/yard sale, do drop me a line.

As I mentioned, this is a long newsletter because we have SO MUCH to be grateful for. Thank you for spreading the word and for your generous donations of time and money, but most of all, for your belief and love that together we can all SAVE THE RANCH.

Love and Blessings,
Lydia Patubo
Volunteer/Marketing & Development
A Chance for Bliss


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I spotted this contest today and thought I'd pass it on -- people are nominating and voting for their favorite animal shelter, with the winning shelter receiving $10,000. Contest ends Dec. 16:

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