Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're Back..

On November 24th we made our visit to the sanctuary. Anthony drove the bus. Theresa and Prem rode shotgun. It was a fun ride; but, Hector talked all the way, as usual. While we were there, Rik and Al gave baths to seven (7) dogs.

Even though we were not supposed to tell… Les broke the grinder. You see, Les & Hector were grinding flax seeds. They had ground a whole bucket when Les broke the grinder. If not for Deanna’s mechanical aptitude the grinder may still be broken.

Deanna reminisced with us about reading Stephen King novels and the different levels of reincarnation. While she was doing this; Jim was feeding the pigs. While he is there at the sanctuary; he is different as night and day. Kim and Ron groomed horses. Kim showed extreme patience; as usual, while there.

As you know, we have been raising funds through our candy-gram drive. So, we delivered a total of $323 to A Chance for Bliss. Next month we will have more money for them. We will have our annual holiday shoppe and all the proceeds will benefit A Chance for Bliss.

Remember to take a tip from the dogs. When you see our wheelchairs; don’t prejudge us. Sniff our feet first. Then, you can growl. (If you want.)

-Lisa & Hector
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