Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life on the Ranch ~ by Deanna

The ACTHA ride is thankfully behind us, but we're still catching up on communications prompted by our grassroots effort to build our support network. Admittedly, volunteers have been given little attention yet, but please don't give up on us. We're making progress.

I wanted to share that we've been struggling with a few animal issues, as well.

Baby, our favored diabetic Pom, was certainly not feeling well late last week, so went to the vet for testing. He suffered from a bout of Pancreatitis and Ketosis, which whe was treated for, but there was also a huge spike in blood sugar. At first we suspected Cushing's, but it turned out to be thyroid. He is feeling MUCH better, but he had us worried Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, both Bernie (19 yo Boston) and Moose (our newest old Pug) experienced seizures. This was not Bernie's first, and while short, it was intense. At his age, this is not unexpected. Moose's was rather light and we'd hoped it was a fluke, but he had another episode today, which looks more like a stroke. Moose is listing a bit and has difficulty walking without weaving. He is still happy and doesn't appear to have any pain, but our dear boy is simply changed. He has been here for such a short period and we adore him so, this is bringing us real heartache.

Woody and I were recently introduced to the concept of Compassion Fatigue through the HSUS publication Animal Sheltering. While this life is always filled with challenges like those described above, the incredible stress brought about by our current situation has us pretty well exhausted. Recognizing this and being aware of coping mechanisims will help us to regain our balance. We are not without support. But there is much more to do than time allows. We'll do the best we can to direct our energies wisely.

Thank you for helping us through this most interesting time. I believe that we will somehow survive and even thrive, but there are moments that simply must be spent loving animals as opposed to attending to other matters. Moose will follow me from room to room no matter how compromised his gait. He deserves to be recognized, coddled and hugged.

Thank you for your patience as we push through. It's time for me to go snuggle some old guys.


Maria said...

Give my Bernabus a big hug and kiss from me...and another one of each for Moose. Miss you and love you all!

Anonymous said...

I would never give up on you guys!
Wish I could have Moosy here now with me. Since Im sick we could cuddle up and hopefully feel better soon!

Love you guys!