Friday, October 30, 2009

Important Clarifications by Deanna

There are two areas of concern for some that need and deserve further explanation. Thank you for your patience as we move through this most trying time; we are striving hard to become more efficient with communications. Many people are putting forth real effort on our behalf and we want to honor all who are supporting us.

The Fate of the Animals

It is not true that ALL of the residents face possible euthanasia. This misconception was erroneously conveyed to media contacts by a supporter who has passionately made saving the sanctuary their mission and was unclear on the actual possible outcomes. It was done from the heart and not as intentional hype. We weren't aware of the information being presented until after we got a media response.

Apparently, Woody and I still did not manage to sufficiently convey the actual possibilities to Neda Iranpour. In speaking with Neda, I pointed out that a horse like Jake, a Mustang with bi-lateral stringhalt, would be euthanized by any of the area rescues that we're familiar with. That's what makes us different.

The truth is, should the foreclosure proceed and force us to leave our collective home, the horses could be housed. Over half of them are on neighbors' properties already. They are not in danger. In exploring options, we contacted a large Northern California sanctuary for farm animals and were sadly denied. A good friend has a large parcel in Lincoln that has been generously offered should it be necessary. Splitting the animals up so would create a myriad of challenges, but could be done.

The dogs might be a different story. Of course we would place as many as possible, but realize that many of them have already struggled to find a place to call home for various reasons. I can barely bring myself to begin thinking about the fate of certain pups if forced to move.

Thankfully, and I continually look for new and better ways to communicate our most sincere gratitude, the support and feedback have been nothing short of astounding. It keeps me breathless, the phone calls, e-mails and note cards... there are simply not enough hours in the day right now. Donations are flowing in. The future looks brighter by the day.

The LAST thing we want to do is separate our kids. They have buddies in their respective packs and predictable routines that their contentment is founded upon.

How Will the Money be Used?

The donations are currently accruing in a savings account. We are a 501c3 charity and must conform to the IRS rules and regulations. This is our life's work and we would do nothing to jeopardize the integrity of what has become so much larger than us. We have given all that we personally have but remain true to a life that we know is worth much more than anything else we've known.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to formalize a loan modification, the funds will be used to seek another facility.

In the event that we're able to stay, the money could be applied to the mortgage through a formal lease agreement with the non-profit leasing the property from us. We would also welcome the possibility of the house becoming property of the non-profit. We cannot predict what will happen with the mortgage company. Personally, we have already lost everything. We're upside down in the Sequoia, own a 1977 Ford with a blown head gasket, possibly worse, and my 1977 Celica that has taken a beating between the blind horse being let loose by a well-intended volunteer and escapee goats playing king of the mountain. Still, we're fighting to continue to simply serve the animals.

From My Heart

I am beyond tired. These late nights have proven to be the only real productive computer time since the days are filled with activities and distractions. There is much happening and we're all doing our best to manage the unpredictability.

Bug here is almost completely blind and deaf, which means that touch is important. Otherwise, she's alone in her world. She sleeps on the pillow next to my head at night. My sleeping much less than usual means that she is alone even more. She barks when she has a need ~ normally the usual potty-water-cookie. Lately, however, she barks pretty forcefully even after all three needs have been met. She is seeking that touch. Bug has been on the computer chair beside me tonight so that she isn't sleeping alone. She's wrapped in a towel from the dryer because it takes her a while to warm up after a trip outside. I want her to feel loved even though I am experiencing extremely high demands on my time.

The feedback that and support that we're receiving is beyond anything I could have imagined. This senior, special needs, hospice work strikes a stronger chord than I ever realized. If we could take our message farther and wider, we could expand to help more animals and more people. We are in a prime position to seek help from someone such as Ellen DeGeneres, a true animal advocate. On the "Be Part of the Show" page of her website, there are two options that we would be suited for:

Do You Know Someone Who Could Use Some Cash?

Could You or Someone You Know Use a Big Stimulus?

Please take a moment to write. A visit with Ellen could create amazing possibilities for animals like ours. Woody loves to talk, ESPECIALLY about our kids, and is comfortable in front of an audience ~ who better? Surely she can't ignore a plethora of messages about A Chance for Bliss.

Thank you on behalf of all of us.

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