Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An All Out Effort

I have faith. The people who surround us and KNOW who we are and what we do could not be more supportive. The last thing I want to do is call upon our existing circle for more. We need media attention. Please help us tell our story.

What we do is unique. It feels so natural to Woody and I, but the feedback can be breath-taking. I look for the beauty everywhere I can... Had we not experienced this financial downfall, we would not have opened our place to the public. Through that door have walked an incredible number of empathetic, caring and fascinating friends.

On Labor Day, we were visited by several veterinarians from across the country who were attending the National Hospice Symposium at UC Davis and discovered us through Tom Wilson's presentation. I would never have imagined such interest and their insights and comments were humbling. It served to drive our passion to do more.

Donations have kept the animals cared for and Woody has strived in several arenas to get our personal income flowing again. The sanctuary has not paid for the mortgage or electricity, etc., as many/most organizations do. Everything you've given us has gone to them. However, there is nothing here that is not utilized for their care. Further, as supporters can attest, the days here are laborous and long since we have lost our ability to support paid help (that had come from us, not donations).

There is another sanctuary that does work very similar to ours ~ roughly 80 animals, mostly horses and dogs. After an appearance on The Today Show, their annual donations reached 1M. Our ultimate vision is to create the Shriner's of the animal world, but the world needs to know what's already happening here. Animals transform here ~ they blossom and thrive before they leave. This is about the animals. Their stories need to be told, so that people can understand. We do this for them.

If you can contribute a note or story about one of our kids, please send it to and I will post them to the blog. There are 40 kids who have passed on and I have not made time to post to the website, but EACH of them has a special story. They are why we have given everything we have.

In the meatime, here are a couple of special stories that did get some web time.

DeeDee ~ We would choose not to subject our kids to chemotherapy again. DeeDee was our teacher in so many ways.


Note: I am overwhelmed by the efforts of our friends on our behalf and blown-away by the creativity. We've submitted our outline to Ellen and others are reaching out to those they know. A Chance for Bliss has a life of its own... Woody and I simply work here. Thank you for your support in allowing us to serve these special creatures.

If I am slow in responding, it is due to the tremendous outpouring ~ AND the mess outside that the weather has caused.

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