Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Appreciative Update ~ Deanna

As of Saturday evening, the donations we have received total $3,640. The response to our situation is more powerful and far reaching than we could have imagined.

Our deep and sincere gratitude to Fayann Barclay, Martha Barclay, Chad and Laurie Chase, Laura Daggett, Dianne Dalton, Steven Deeley, Patricia Deeter (Ruud), Chad Evanson, Elizabth Farr, Carol Ann Frei, Stacey Galvin, Eileen Gillis, Sandra Haliburton, Francine Harvey, Nicole Hatley, Loch Henson, Nancy Jensen, Kathleen Kerr Coad, Linda Klinger, Emily Kruger, Avinal Maharaj, Briana Martin, Erin McLaughlin, Melody Lea Lamb's Art, Nancy Morrison, Lily Nguyen, Victoria Perizzolo, Ann Ranlett, Teresa Reichart, Sharon Roseme, Veronica Selco, Ann & Fred Smallwood, D.R. and Julie Ann Stringham, Julie Swain, Judy Swauger, Eileen Thorton, Jeannette Williams, Mary Williams and last, but certainly not least, Lynn Willingham.

Before I go on, it must be said that we have the absolutely best neighbors possible. We tell this to visitors regularly, but have not acknowledged these friends in writing as we should. Not only do they lend us use of their land, they tolerate strange noises, dust, flies, parades of animal accupressure students and bustling second Saturday tours, escaping four-legged visitors at any given time of day or night and constant requests for baby-sitting or equipment repairs... they are actually fighting hard to keep us here. Above all else, I find this supremely humbling.

Ann and Fred Smallwood, along with Danny, Jo and DJ Turner, not only provide pasture for three horses, they feed them, groom them and love them. On top of that, their garden has taken every bit of manure and wasted hay that we have produced for going on three years. We dump, they drag and the vegetables grow. And should you visit, you would see that there is virtually no smell and no flies in this area (the flies prefer the horses).

Ron, Marianne and Jessica Stovall's pasture has housed sanctuary horses for three years, as well. Big and mostly flat, our younger herd can get a real steam up flying around over there, bucking and snorting and acting like horses. They put up with my mucking into the darkness and the dogs that follow Woody and I wherever we go, teasing poor Abigail with their freedom.

Steve Geraldsen deserves a blog or book all his own. Not only can he SERIOUSLY fix ANYTHING, he does so with grace and tutorials. At this time, he is allowing Ferdinand and Manny to run free on half of his parcel, as they enjoy head-butting the old boats that will some day soon be disassembled anyway. A real playground for bored steers.

In addition, we owe much to Nippy & Jim Feltl, Jean & Jayme Feltl, Cathy & Sam Norris, Laurie, Chad, Cody & Catie Chase, Dawn & Dale Sloss, and Vicky & Miguel Rivera (Homer's other home).

Yes, Willow Brook Lane is very good to us.

Moving Forward

We realize that the financial goal is lofty, so we are attempting other angles, as well, in hopes that our lender will work with us with less cash-in-hand. We've been gathering testimonial letters to illustrate that this little ranch means a great deal to many. The letters are coming in and they are powerful.

As we know more, we will share our progress.

In the meantime, we're focused on illustrating the abundant good works that take place here. Admittedly, it will be tough to convey the feeling that is so much a part of the ranch. This is a place of healing ~ mutual healing. We help the animals and they, in return, help all of us.

I tried my hand at Windows Movie Maker... I've taken lots of video that needs editing and the files must first be converted, so for now, a slideshow. I started a YouTube account for the sanctuary. Wish me abundant time to share the goodness and goofiness of our critters.

Thank you for supporting us in our endeavor to follow our hearts. There are so many more that could be served.


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