Friday, October 30, 2009

Update #3 from Lydia ~ Great Things Are Happening!

Hello Everyone:

By now you have read the email from Dee and Woody that almost $8,000 has been raised to Save the Ranch. This important email also talks about the history of the sanctuary from its inception to the predicament that it is in today. Do take the time to read it. Thank you.

I have received many emails about fundraisers. Do let me know when your event will be and I will be sure to include it in a future update and on Facebook. To help with your fundraising efforts, I will be sending, under separate cover a flyer titled: "At the Heart of the Matter." This flyer has pertinent information, including how to donate. When you receive it, feel free to forward, or copy and distribute.

Thank you everyone for telling your friends, family, co-workers and organizations, and for posting on Facebook and other websites. We are grateful to have all of you on board, and have made many new friends in the process!

Based on the emails I have received, I would like to offer the following thanks and comments:

Do tell your Facebook friends to become a fan of A Chance for Bliss. Simply go to their fan page and click on "Invite People to Join" and follow the instructions from there. I got about 75 of my own friends to join, and it's so easy to do!

Lori Kim Polk

The most amazing news I have received is Lori posted a blog "In the Spirit of Giving' to over 160,000 of her Active Rain (the largest real estate network) friends to help the sanctuary. Do read what wonderful Lori wrote here.

Lynn Willingham
Our one-woman wonder is corralling her friends to come to the sanctuary's monthly open house held the second Saturday of every month. We'll see them on Saturday, November 14th, and we're looking forward to making new friends!

Heather Olson
Our wonderful CAD designer is working on a possible fundraising event in Loomis.

Christina Watts
Thanks to Christina's efforts, she got not one, but two television stations to come out! Channel 13 was here Sunday morning, and the segment aired at 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Channel 10 was at sanctuary Monday morning to do a segment for Hero Central. Christina would also like have a garage sale fundraiser - can anyone help her out?? Wonderful Christina is also a volunteer at A Chance for Bliss.

View the Channel 13 segment.

Tom Wilson
This amazing man is taking the 10 friends x $60 = $600 challenge one step further. Tom will be asking his 10 friends to reach out to 10 more friends. He hopes to raise $6,000.

Emily Jacobson
Our Emily is also a volunteer at A Chance for Bliss: "I have forwarded the email to my friends and family, and several have donated already. My mom (a fellow animal lover) has forwarded the email at her work and has asked for donations, which are matched by their company... I am hoping and praying that we can pull through for Dee, Woody and the animals!

Suzi Johnston
"I'm so happy people are really coming on board. By the way, last night, through tears, I wrote to Oprah Winfrey, Bonnie Hunt & Ellen DeGeneres. OMG, how WONderful would it be to get some PR from ANY of them??????"

Vicki Behringer
"I was on the phone with an attorney who wants to use one of my courtroom art drawings on his new website. He said several artists were just letting him use the images for free, then some took the $150 he was offering and others were having it donated to their favorite charity. I had decided earlier that I wanted to donate my money, with you being the recipient..."

Judi Fibush
"Thanks for the update, Deanna. Neither David nor I are on Facebook... But I love reading all this. I am trying to give you $500 by the end of December."

(Rockin') Ann Ranlett
A friend of mine volunteers at Placer SPCA and she forwarded your initial letter to the volunteers there. She'll also be sending a check for $60."

also from Ann:
Just another thing to add to the fundraising arsenal. Not great in the short term, but eventually it'll help out. I told Dee about it, but don't think everyone knows, so when you have a chance you could spread the word."

"Some time ago, I added ACFB to the list of charities on People join and specify that a percent of their on-line purchases go to ACFB. Then they make their purchases by going to merchants through iGive's site. Quite a few merchants are part of the system, they each determine the percentage to be donated."

"Each person's account has to reach a $25 minimum before the money is sent to ACFB. I think I have about $13 in my account now, so it takes a while. But obviously larger or more frequent purchase will add up faster."

Again, thank you to everyone who has committed to raising $600.

Facebook Friends: Take the time to send a letter to Ellen Degeneres!First off, become a fan of The Ellen Degeneres Show on Facebook. On her Facebook page, go to "Be on Ellen." Then click on "Do You Know Someone Who Could Use a Financial Stimulus?" Then, fill in the blanks on the page. Write your heart out. Let Ellen know that A Chance for Bliss needs help! Write your heart out, folks !!

I believe I included everyone who had emailed me after Update #2. I sincerely apologize if I left anyone out.

Do keep me posted on any new developments you are involved in, and I will continue to send out regular updates.

Dee and Woody and the animals are so grateful for your continued love and support.
A thousand blessings to everyone.

Lydia Patubo
Volunteer/Development Associate
and Marketing for
A Chance for Bliss

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