Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Perfect Pairing! ~ by Deanna

From MassageMag.com:

Citrus Heights, CA, January 9, 2009

Healing Arts Institute is paving the way in massage therapy training by offering a brand new animal wellness program directed to all animal lovers - from lay people to animal professionals.

The Animal Acupressure Certification program is comprised of a series of classes that delve into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Tui Na and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Other therapies, such as Craniosacral, Flower Essences and Animal Communication are also a part of the program.

The classes have been designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year. Classes can be taken individually for credit; or, the 100-hour certification program can be completed in as little as six months. Each class in the series is offered twice yearly, and participants can enter the program at any time.

Tom Wilson, PhD, is the core instructor of the program. Wilson is the director of the Animal Acupressure Training Academy in Nevada City, CA. “This program is ideal for all animal lovers and their guardians who wish to deepen their knowledge of and ability to work with animals through the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

For additional information on the Animal Acupressure Certification program, contact Tamara Samsa, Associate Director, or refer to the ‘Advanced Classes’ section on www.HealingArtsInstitute.com

* * * * * *
In late January, Tamara Samsa contacted us regarding the possibility of conducting some of these classes here at the Sanctuary. We met with Tamara, Tom Wilson and Lydia Patubo to discuss the details and the first class was held here on March 7 & 8 - Tui Na massage. After hearing about Rachel Chao's devotion and support of the sanctuary, Tom Wilson graciously invited her to be a guest, which she excitedly accepted.

The benefits are multiple ~ even if a student has their own animal to work with, the animal tends to be "done" with the therapy after a short while. Here, students have a bountiful number and assortment of critters to work with, which is also incredibly beneficial to our aging population. The HAI also provides a rent payment for the space to help fund our operation.

I sat in on just the theory portion of the class and learned some valuable information and tools. I was impressed not only by Tom's instruction and peaceful demeanor, but by the students themselves. For instance, Deborah drives from Los Angeles for the classes ~ this is the only series of it's kind in California. This was not a small class and their presence at our ranch made a huge impact.

If I could document everything I witnessed, it would take hours. Woody and I were both pleasantly surprised that Saturday night, there was almost no marking in the house! I saw big changes in the horses, but probably the most celebrated improvement came from Chico, who spent Saturday in the back of the house, joined the group on Sunday and was up for some therapeautic touch from Tom by the afternoon.

Ashley works with Darcy. Darcy recieved great benefit from the therapy.

Dolly got lots of extra special attention. Here, healing hands are applied to the old girl.

Tamara and Lydia have also set their minds to giving the Sanctuary an old-fashioned barn raising! Tamara is committed to community building and sees this as a great opportunity. We're working on the details and I will post information as it is formulated, but I believe we will be selling boards with donor recognition.

The positive energy at the ranch this weekend was palpable. We are all lifted up and I cannot wait to see the students again. Friendships are forming!

To our surprise, Saturday night a goat was born. We have just one intact male goat, intentionally as whethering increases the chances of stones, to which we have already lost two goats. We have just one female goat, who was not young when she arrived in 2005. Well, baby Ray is an Angora and Myotonic cross. We named his Ray as he is a ray of hope, a ray of light at the end of a dark winter. He's also stunning. (My mare, Jessie , is very maternal, by the way).

Tom, Tamara and Lydia ~ we're so happy to partner with you and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. 2009 promises to take the Sanctuary to a whole new level and my heart is so full. Thank you for loving our kids the way that we do and providing them with so many loving, healing hands. As Ray's birth signifies, something beautiful has begun.


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Meg said...

Ray is darling! I'm still chuckling over Sally's surprise, but I honestly believe it's a sign of good, and of hope, for you. I am sure he will be a delightful addition to the menagerie.