Thursday, March 12, 2009

Godspeed, Dolly~ by Deanna

Our beloved Wiggle Butt quietly passed in her sleep late this afternoon. The last week has been full of peaceful moments together, spooning at night, and tender care.

We took Dolly from our dear friend, Linda (Wonder Dog Rescue), in August. I knew that Dolly had originally been picked up in Oregon, but tonight Linda shared that Dolly was found wandering around outside in weather so severe that the roads were closed. That sounds like the girl we'd come to know - unafraid, full of life and often looking for a fight that was more posturing than anything as Dolly's eyesight was extremely poor.

Wiggy was always first in line for chow, doing her special wiggly dance. As is common around here, we had a special song for her ~ "I've got a wiggle in my butt, they call me Wiggle Butt!"

Thanks again to the Healing Arts Tui Na class for providing such love to Dolly as she began to move toward her natural end.

It always feels strange when we lose a love. Woody just went to bed and for the first time in months, he's not carrying a sweet girl with him. There's always a hole, no matter how full the house is.


Meg said...

Rest in peace, Dolly. I am glad she had peace at the end.

wonder dog rescue said...

I love you, little Dolly dear... Rest peacefully, and I will see you again one day.