Monday, March 16, 2009

Walk for Thought 2009 ~ by Deanna

In conjunction with the Easter Seals Help to Recovery (HTR) program, Sunshine, Buddy and I attended the second annual Walk for Thought fundraiser for the California Brain Injury Association. The walkers raised over $10,500 for this amazing cause.

The event was held at William Land Park and was attended by 265 walkers, way up from last year's 40. It was a brisk but beautiful morning to walk around Sacramento's finest park.

We talked to many interesting people and danced a bit the stylings of Otter Bob, one fine DJ! Grooving here is Rachel Chao, Speech Pathologist for Easter Seals as well as our dedicated and talented hoof trimmer. This woman is brilliant and we are so blessed to know her!

Our dear friend, Hector, walked the entire loop and was met at the finish with cheers and applause. I'm so glad to have met Hector and that he has begun coming to the ranch. He is a funny and fascinating man.

Sunshine made a friend in Trent, who was kind enough to share his lap and lap blanket with our girl on this unexepectedly chilly morning. I couldn't convince Trent that Sunny's kisses were actually good for him, even though Prem shared that Indian tradition believes a lick from a dog will take your pain away.

We look forward to next year and helping to grow this worthy fundraiser to a whole new level. Thank you to ESHTR for allowing us to be a part of this thought-provoking day. I'll close with a message from Hector:

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Meg said...

Your friendship with the Easter Seals has been so good for everyone involved! Hector's words are perfect. He's got the right attitude!