Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Have Not Given Up Hope

Though it has been anything but easy, there is much to do around the ranch, so we keep "moving our feet" as we continue to search for our Hope.

A core group gathered Saturday morning, all of whom I would consider family, in an all-out effort to bring our BT girl home to us. Rosie and Jeff Steinbrenner, Mary Gaspari, Lary Bucher, April Ford, Margaret Hunt and Erica Entz gave generously of their time and spirit as we literally went door to door on foot, speaking to as many people as possible, posting flyers and tucking business cards and flyers into mailboxes and front doors. An amazing amount of ground was covered that day. My eyes fill with tears as I write this as I am so moved by the kindness of new found friends - Rosie and Jeff discovered us through Woody's appearance on KCRA 3 on May 17 and have been dedicated, caring and hard-working on several visits already, driving all the way from Elk Grove to be with us. Margaret Hunt is a Veterinarian at the Sacramento Animal Control on Bradshaw Road and spent a few hours Saturday walking the nature areas (in the heat of the day) and educating us on shelter protocols. Her kindness and support lift us up. Mary, Lary, April and Erica are "the family we get to choose" and stepped up in a huge way as they have so many times before in our lives. We cannot thank these people adequately. I was not "present" enough to get photographs of everyone Saturday but their contributions are immeasurable.

Sunday was spent doing some deep cleaning around the ranch, which always helps us when we're down.

Monday morning, Katie came out for her fourth visit and helped us to attend to some neglected chores. Katie has Thoroughbreds of her own, rides Hunter/Jumper, is a conscious and thorough worker and a true pleasure to know. Our life is enriched by her presence in it.

Mary Gaspari enjoys some post-search trail time with Eddie.

Katie and Zulu

Katie loves on William

Grace really loves her new Poppa

DeeDee gets special priveledges

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