Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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With the obvious exception of the lack of Hope's presence, it has been business as usual around the ranch. Lots of cleaning and caring for critters.

Saturday and Sunday, Woody worked on cleaning out the pond. He had help from a couple of water dogs, but especially Harmony, who is ALWAYS Poppa's biggest helper.

I have been working diligently to put weight on Big Cloud and Daisy. Try as I might, these two are TOUGH! Big Cloud is making progress, though it is less than I would hope for. Nutrena Senior (and lots of it!), ProBios probiotic, rice bran, ground flax seed and corn oil, combined with regular worming and tooth care ~ I'm doing all I know to do! At the very least, the oils are making his coat gorgeous.

Here is Big Cloud on arrival (notice Hope is in the shot) compared with last week.

On a high note, we will be visited by Pawier tomorrow. Pawier's President, Joan Bohl, saw Woody on KCRA and is donating a gallon of their water soluble liquid vitamin. After visiting our website, Joan thought the product might be especially helpful to DeeDee. We are so grateful for their care and interest, even though I believe it is too late for the Baby Deeds.

DeeDee's time with us is definitely drawing to a close. After we carefully considered her quality of life versus simply extending life with awful side effects, combined with the associated costs and current financial hardship, we chose to discontinue DeeDee's chemotherapy almost five weeks ago. During the Open House, Dr. Schmidt explained that the bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments would continue for the rest of DeeDee's life. Considering how sick the treatments made her and the weight she had lost, combined with the fact that income from Woody's 15 years as a mortgage broker has dropped off entirely, the choice was clear. She certainly started feeling better after the effects of the chemo wore off, but the lymphoma is back with a vengeance, once more beginning to inhibit her ability to breathe well. What's more, another tumor has developed in what I assume to be a mammary gland. I am carefully monitoring her for the inevitable sign that "it is time." She is still a happy little girl, though less enthusiastic. She sleeps with me every night and goes looking for me when I work outside, as we are tightly bonded. I trust that we will do this in DeeDee's perfect time. In the meantime, she can do and have anything she wants, though her appetite is becoming inconsistent. The photo below is what we call her "Eaglet" pose - she likes to sit on Poppa's shoulder like a little bird.

I've become someone who mourns and cries a lot more than most, which may not be a lot of fun for my friends and family, but I believe each of these kids deserves someone who will feel the way we feel over their loss. We have had an incredible 26 months with DeeDee and that is worth any amount of heartache.

I look forward to posting a completely uyplifting blog anytime soon.

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PaintDog said...

Oh the roller coaster of your lives! I'm so impressed by all that you do, I have tears in my eyes as I read about dear little DeeDee and Big Cloud and Hope. You've been amazing caretakers for DeeDee and you know she appreciates all you've done for her. Big Cloud's progress although slow is good - you may not see it because you see him every day, but he looks so much better in that second photo. And lovely Hope, I just don't know what to say, I'm so sorry she's gone missing. We met her at the open house and I was shocked to get the e-mail from LBHA that she was lost. My heart and thoughts go out to you. Thank you for all you do for our special animal friends!!

-Ann Ranlett