Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

WE ARE OFFICIAL! We received the formal 501c3 approval from the IRS and are no longer "Status Pending!" We had been lead to expect the process to take approximately nine months and it took less than 30 days. I attribute this to Woody's talent and care in preparing the Form 1023 package and the written description of our sanctuary. The approval is retroactive to our incorporation date of January 2, 2008. Woohoo!

The Bad

We could really use some financial help feeding the animals this month. As always, Woody is our main benefactor and he simply has no fundings this month. We spend $3,500 monthly just feeding the animals, not considering medications. If you can spare even a little, it would help us greatly! We have discontinued DeeDee's chemotherapy due to the financial constraints.


Hope has been missing since Sunday night. Words cannot accurately convey the pain and heartache this is causing us, but especially Woody. We have done everything we can imagine less going door to door, which we will do this weekend if she has not returned to us by then. I will blog more specifically later as we have learned much about what to do when you lose your baby.

Please hold the vision of Hope's safe and fast return to us.


kjsgladtobehere said...

A few years ago Annie came into my life, an older Lhasa Apso, one day from the "deadline" at the Woodland shelter. She had a tumor, but the surgery was easy and the tumor benign. Annie helped me get through my breast cancer recovery. She reminded me to look up and breathe in the beauty of nature on our walks. She fit into our household and we loved her dearly. One day, after a walk, she headed down the block and turned the corner. By the time my husband made the corner, she had disappeared. We walked, rang door bells, made and mailed flyers, and posted them, posted her information on various sites on the internet and followed up all the leads for over a year. We never found her, and we never knew what happened. she vanished without a trace. It was a while before I could open my heart to a new dog, but one day I unexpectedly walked into an SPCA traveling set up and met Tilda, who was sweet and scared from a life of previous neglect/abuse. She brings us joy. She stayed by my side through my recent chemotherapy, keeping my ears clean and letting me know I was not alone.

The point of all this is, eventually I came to feel that Annie came to me for a time, and I am grateful for the time I had with her. She arrived and left in ways connected to a capricious fate. It helps me to think of it that way. I confess it took a few years to be able to do so.

I wish you success in finding your Hope, I know the pain of missing your dog and not knowing.

Take heart,


(Rosie's mom)

A Chance for Bliss said...

Kendra, I deeply appreciate you sharing this story. I will be much more open to Hope's ultimate fate than Woody will. Some things just cannot be changed.

I have to also compliment you for your daughter is one amazing and beautiful woman. We are blessed to know Rosie and Jeff.

wonder dog rescue said...

Yippeeeeeeee and My heartiest congrats! I am so glad to read that the 501c3 is COMPLETE!!!!!!!