Friday, June 20, 2008

Still No Sign of Hope

It is painful to think and speak about, but there is still no sign of Hope. Harmony misses her terribly. Harmony is just one week older than Hope and they have never been apart before. Harmony was born deaf, and Hope has acted as her ears since the very beginning. When Poppa comes home, Hope would go tell Harmony.

Hope's absence has made an impact on many.

Hope and Harmony at 3 Months of Age

Inseparable Sisters

Going "Bye-Bye" in the Ford

A Trip to Lowe's

Poppa Handing Out Ice Cream - Hope and Harmony Side by Side

We met a new volunteer Tuesday. Our good friend, Alaine Beers, brought out her delightful great niece, Hannah. These hardworking ladies helped us with pasture maintenance and gave loving baths to DeeDee and Princess. We are so grateful for the kindness and help. Thank you, ladies!

Sincere thanks to everyone for the kind words and prayers for the return of our girl.

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