Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Newsletter Available

The September newsletter, available here, includes a short introduction to Sam, upon which I'd like to expand.

Sam-I-Am is a ten year old Boston Terrier who belonged to a woman who once had six at one time and adored them all. She lost three over time, leaving Sam and his biological parents. Sam's guardian was diagnosed with cancer in early June and died in late June. Somehow, Sam and his folks ended up in the drop box at the Martinez shelter until Linda from Wonder Dog Rescue saved them. Sam's parents were adopted right away, but Sam is a special boy.

Sammy was born with defective plumbing. All of the basic parts are there, but they're not properly connected and all waste is produced through one hole. I'll risk being graphic to give you an understanding: Today as Sam urinated after holding it for a while, the urine shot out straight behind him.

Because he is prone to accidents, I've begun diapering him like Izzy, but it makes him completely freeze! He gets so forlorn... but I trust that, in time, he'll figure it out and fly around the house like his younger sister. I'm convinced that the diaper is the reason he held it so long! I've also discovered that pull-ups are great! Not having children, diaper shopping is new to me and I'm learning. They are a bit more expensive, but the stretchy waistbands means not cutting into their legs while trying to keep the waist tight enough.

A 'Dora the Explorer' Diaper Isn't the Coolest Outfit for a Guy

Sad Sam

Thankfully, Sam is devoted to his new Mother, (me), so any time I'm outside, he follows right along, blissfully diaper-free. When he is happy, Sam sometimes smiles. Today, a photographer came to shoot photos for a story that will run in Women's World the first week of November, so we spent some time taking pictures with the animals in the back pasture. Sam soon began playfully pouncing on his shadow like a kitten (and I got no photos!) He also loves to dig and with the issues he's got, we'll let him. :o)

Sam can be a bit cranky with strangers, especially men, and we're working on this. A guy like Sam doesn't have many roommate options, so we'll work hard to address his personality issues.

We did manage to get some blue 'Diego' diapers today, so at least Sam won't be forced to wear pink.

When you come to visit, please give Sammy his space for a while and assure him his outfit is stylish. He might even smile.

~ Deanna


Megan said...

Always in awe of the never-ending supply of love and adoration you have for every creature you cross paths with...

wonder dog rescue said...

Sam, I love you SO much..... I truly adored your dad, and wanted to keep him so much......... You are in a good place now, where you can be happy.

linda & the wonderdogs