Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mmmmm Cupcakes

On Friday August 27th HTR received a surprise visit from Rachel and Deanna from A Chance For Bliss. The visit was to commemorate and celebrate two years of volunteering by HTR at A Chance For Bliss. Not only does HTR have a volunteer placement at A Chance For Bliss, but HTR holds a Holiday Shoppe every year with all the proceeds going to A Chance For Bliss.
Deanna and Rachel presented HTR with a complimentary book that documents a small part of the volunteer work that HTR does. The book shows Marcellos raking in the corral, it also shows John bathing a dog and brushing a horse. We also see Dan washing a pig. We get to see Heather brush a horse and steer, yet still find the time to play with a bunny. Anthony brushes a horse and helps Bob clean a saddle. Steven and Al brush horses while Rik kisses a dog. Tom, Les and Jim show smiles as they pose with the dogs. But the best pages are the ones dedicated to our dearly departed friend Bob, we miss him so much. All I know is not a day goes by that we do not think of his smiling and cheery face. Bob was always ready to help; we love and miss him daily.
Get this, the biggest and best surprise, Deanna and Rachel brought a huge decadent assortment of cupcakes. I picked peanut-butter and jelly flavored cupcake. Remember, Charles Darwin said, and I quote, “The love of all creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”


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