Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesdays with Maggie ~ remembering

As you know, our wonderful Percheron, Tank, passed on a few months back. While his passing was devastating to us, I never knew the impact one animal could have on so many people. Tank was a blessed soul. If you ever met him, you’ll know what I am talking about. Something about him was calming. He attracted both people and animals alike. We often asked him to befriend a new horse to the farm or comfort those who were ill or were getting ready to pass to the other side. Tank was never ill tempered or mean spirited. He’d put up with a lot from us (and from the other horses). Especially when we’d bathe him and dress him up for the Santa photo shoot back in December. The first thing he did when we got home? Rolled in the dirt. But he never fought us. People (especially kids) like to climb all over him and he was as patient as ever. So I guess that is why, to this day, when someone finds out of his passing, they become saddened. Even those who never met him in person! I have never known an animal to have this kind of attraction. To say that I was blessed to have spent time with our four-legged angel is an understatement. He was a gift. All our animals are gifts. But our beloved Tanky will live on through our hearts and our charity. I could go on forever about all the wonderful things about Tank. That’s the kind of angel he was.

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