Friday, April 10, 2009

Darcy ~ by Woody ~ March 25

Our beloved duck, Darcy, left us today.

She came to us having survived an attack by a bobcat. She lost her mate and was close to death when she was found. She was brought to the sanctuary and, to be honest, I was pretty certain that she would only be around for a day or so before she made her transition.

Deanna immediately made her comfortable and even slept with her for the first several nights. That love my wife so freely gives to all the residents made an extraordinary difference to Darcy, and soon she started to perk up. She began eating and moving around a bit (she had obviously been grabbed by the neck, and had some difficulty walking on solid ground), and so we moved her to the master bathroom, filled up the tub, and day by day she regained her ability to swim and enjoy the water.

Thus began her daily routine, she would spend the day in the big bathtub, complete with whirlpool jets, and when I would get home at night, I would pick her up, dry her off, talk with her a bit, and then put her to bed in the master shower, in her big comfy dog bed, safe from the others just in case they ever got a little too curious.

She loved the tub, her floating bowl of food, and the jets! She would literally shoot the whirlpool rapids, going to and fro and all around the tub, and it was quite a treat to watch her play.

She slept in until about Noon today, and I just happened to be a home longer than usual before heading out, and it seemed strange that she was not yet awake. She was finally up, and I filled the tub, and placed her in it, but something was amiss. I continued to watch her, and thought maybe I was being too concerned, but when I came back before leaving, she looked at me, lifted her head, and then passed away.

I am shocked. I know she had been close to death when she was found, but as late as yesterday she seemed 100% okay. Her daily routine did not change and so I am left that she simply decided it was time to go. She had a glorious time with us, and we came to love her very much, and like those many others who have also made their transition with in our care, she made a distinct and lasting impression.

God speed sweet Darcy…you will be missed.

Darcy tucked into her bed.

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