Friday, April 10, 2009

Unexpected Lessons Come Via Easter Seals

As our relationship with the Sacramento Easter Seals Help to Recovery program continues to grow and deepen, greater gifts continue to reveal themselves. We are creative and resourceful beings, the lot of us. We find that we can, indeed, do things we might not have thought possible, if the desire to do so is great enough.

When we remodeled this home, we did so with the full intention of caring for many dogs. It was designed with them in mind - low windows in the front so a whole slew of them could witness the comings & goings in territory that is beyond their bounds, dog doors in the front and back of the house so that blind dogs don't have so far to go if they are sleeping in our bed... Believe me, a wheelchair accessible bathroom never ocurred to us. Beyond that, we thought that toilets which flush with a pull from the top of the tank were pretty, but they can prove downright baffling to somene with a brain injury.

Our friends, however, are a determined group. There has been classroom time spent discussing the "ins & outs" of our bathroom quirks as it is crucial to their visit. The trip out here from their facility on Hurley is not short and there are typically a few headed directly indoors after the long ride.

Ah, if we ever move to a larger parcel, we will certainly take more things into consideration.

The March visit was refreshing - the weather was gorgeous and the horses, especially, enjoyed the hands-on time.

Bob brings Prince out for loving as Rachel prepares the rope.

Wilbe gets some TLC from Marcellos and Kim.

Anthony spends time with our sweet Ranger.

Steven and Marcellos always look stylish, even as they muck.

Vince enthusiastically mucked the pastures, as well.
(Gentlemen, how do you manage to stay so clean?)

Seriously, Kim could be a professional Groom.

We realize that not everyone is able to view the video portions of the blog, but they show the personalities so well that we must keep some coming. Below is a clip of John with Bow Tie, who is thriving on the attention. Her behavior hints at the terrorist tactics that have earned her the nic-name "Osama Bin Bow" ~ behavior which she usually reserves for her canine siblings.

We'll close with more life lessons, presented by Hector in three languages. I hope to someday soon launch a personal blog in which we can share some of Hector's writings, for they are insightful, thought-provoking and humorous lessons.

I realize that I did not manage to post photos of everyone who visited this month ~ please forgive. Thank you for continuing to share yourselves with us and helping us to grow.

Fondly, Deanna

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