Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

It has been far too long since I've written, but it is not for lack of activity! The ranch is a bustling place. Let me see how much we can catch up on tonight.

Before we move on to recent events, I need to clarify that DeeDee has made her transition. I mentioned this just briefly, but haven't written at length. She was a dear little girl, especially close with me, and a part of me has gone with her. Her loss added to the pain of an already difficult time with Hope still missing and the recent financial contraction. DeeDee passed away in her sleep on June 30. She was very peaceful during her last few days and received a lot of attention. Many tears spilled as I whispered in her ear how much she was appreciated and what a beautiful little soul she (still is). The Baby Deeds lived her life as we should all strive to - happy for every small thing and moving through upsets quickly and easily. She gave her love so easily and made many friends along the way. She was my very best girlfriend and I will miss her always.

DeeDee with Aunt Brooke taken by Scott Macon ~ October 1, 2006

Fort a complete turnabout, let me introduce you to our newest resident: Jackson is an elderly La Mancha goat from the Newcastle/Ophir area. His Mom is being forced to leave her ranch and broken-hearted at having to find a new home for her long-time friend. Jackson is at least 12 years old, with the average life expectancy for a goat to be between 12 and 15 years. He is an absolute love and I am spending time one on one with him to help him adjust to his new life here. He really enjoys applesauce!

We have had many volunteers since I last wrote, but I am going to mention one in particular today as she drove from Pleasanton and intends to do so monthly! Kathy Leon has been a long-time supporter of Boston Terrier Rescue and also spent time working at an Arabian horse ranch in the past. In September 2006, Kathy drove up to meet Wanda Jewell (from American Boston Terrier Rescue in Texas) in person as Wanda flew out to attend our wedding. Kathy came Sunday morning with the intention of bonding with Tank, but instead found a natural friend in Dusty.

Being an angel of service, Kathy also helped to transport a needy pup on Sunday. She picked up a little fellow in Sacramento and delivered him later in the day to Wonder Dog Rescue in San Francisco. We had heard about this little fellow and were THRILLED that we got to meet him. He is known as Radar and you can follow his progress through Wonder Dog's web site. He is so small and happy, affectionate and playful. He had our whole household at attention! Much love goes out to the little man on his new journey and kudos to Linda at Wonder Dog for taking care of his needs.

We had a few more adorable volunteers exchange chore time for ride time this week and Dolly and Daisy were ready to oblige. Our good friends and neighbors have grandchildren visiting from out of state who are excited to spend some time around the critters. Next time, Grace and Lilly Ann want to hit the trails at Traylor Ranch ~ no more simple rides around the front pasture for them! These ladies are true cowgirls at heart. Little brother, Isaac, is just happy, no matter what!

HOPE NOTE: We received a call Monday afternoon from Animal Control in Auburn that there was a BT that could possibly be Hope. When we checked the message, there was 25 minutes to get to the shelter and we didn't make it in time, so I returned this morning. Without going into great detail, I'll just say that the pup was not ours, but I still came away uplifted after my conversation with Barbara and Becky at the shelter. They really do care and shared more inspiring stories of animals being returned after lengthy stints and long distances. I feel like we have friends in Auburn who know our story and are holding the faith.

I will close for now with a photo I shot last night in the back pasture while sitting on the ground, visiting with Jackson. I've not been taking enough photos lately, which I miss. I need to formally introduce Grace, still, and add her photos to Flickr. She arrived four days before Hope disappeared, which has made it more difficult. Soon... She is a unique little Boston who deserves some time in the spotlight. For now, happy horses with mist from the pond fountain.

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