Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Times, Bad Times...

Lots has been happening here at "the ranch" over the last few days. We've had lots of visitors and love and fun have flowed abundantly!

Sunday morning we were able to coordinate a trail ride for our wonderful friends, Kolece and James, who brought along James' sister, Trisha, her husband, Ira, and three of their (truly!) charming children, Reilly, Taylor and Mason.

Mason has autism and was previously (very) afraid of all animals, but he soon was riding like a PRO! Sincerely, I was struck by his incredible sense of balance and complete lack of fear. Mason was a complete natural on the back of a horse, which helped his Mom to relax. Yeah, gang! It was a lovely time. Kudos, too, to our gracious volunteer, Margaret, for hand-walking Big Cloud on the ride - he was having a complete breakdown at the idea that his dear Daisy was leaving his side (she does have an angelic glow in the above photo!)

Buddy REALLY enjoys a new toy from his Aunt Joannie in Washington ~ THANK YOU, Aunt Joannie! I'll post photos of the horses enjoying the yummy berry treats soon.

Harmony always knows how to stay cool during the long weekend work days with Poppa. Those two will stay outside from morning until dusk in 100 degree heat grooming pastures, fixing fences or sprinklers, or whatever else needs attention. Yes, we count the hard work in our "Good Times" as there is great satisfaction in a job well done and in serving the needs of the animals.

The world's best Beagle, Bojangles, is staying at A Chance for Bliss while his folks are out of state. He fits in perfectly (he is a senior himself), he is a pleasure to have around and really enjoys the food, of course!

Saturday afternoon, our Myotonic (Fainting) Goat, Horseshoe, was certainly not himself. He showed sign of bloat, which is basically gas trapped in their rumen (first stomach) and not uncommon for goats, so I began the regimine to ease him through his predicament, prepared to undertake the more serious steps if necessary. We thought to ask our friend and animal communicator, Jane St. Croix, to peek into the matter. Her insight showed that a corn cob was stuck, but that it would pass with some helpful massage. For those who doubt: We gave the goats corn cobs for the first (and last) time last week. Her visions are always on target and so helpful.

This photo was taken just hours before we decided that Buck needed our assistance in leaving this world behind. We had just four months with this truly gentle and lovely girl. Her breathing was becoming very labored as a result of congestive heart failure and, as much as she enjoyed food, her overall quality of life was already compromised due to her additional lumbar vertebrae and unusual gait. We made our decision and called Jane St. Croix for additional insight. Jane's vision revealed that Buck's energy was growing thin, that angels were waiting to help her along and that she was surrounded by a pink energy. Woody and I stroked her and spoke to her softly through the entire process, tears quietly falling. As the overdose of sedative was injected, I softly whispered to my husband my observation that the euthanasia serum is pink.

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