Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Peek into Heaven

Our remarkable sheep, Cielo ('Heaven' roughly), came to us very close to death having been severely neglected by an animal hoarder. She suffers the irreparable effects of malnutrition, but she continues to grow stronger in spirit.

Cielo receives very special privileges and recently began spending her days next door. We are sincerely grateful that Marianne and Jessica Stovall are developing quite a fondness for the sweet sheep. Often, Marianne will accompany Cielo back to her studio apartment where she can relax and enjoy a much wider variety of food than any other being on the ranch. There is nothing sweeter than a sheep (though Indian Runner ducks are awfully special, too.)

This little girl is one of the most precious we have known. Without your support, we could not help innocent babies like Cielo. It is quite likely that she will not enjoy a long life and we'd like to pack in as much love (and goodies) as we can. If you make it to the ranch, do yourself the favor of sitting with her for a bit. She'll even lift a back leg a bit so you can rub her tummy.

Here's a bit of video.

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